Any witness

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16 Jun, 22 10:29
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- Sulekha Shrivastava

Any witness

Parangat and Parijat both were fast friends. Since years they had been living together. They had blind faith on each other. Their business were also running well. Each one of them had two cars. One for himself and one for their family. Their one car was kept inside the courtyard where as another car was  kept outside, due to lack of space. 
One day Parijat had a dream that he along with his wife should go on a pilgrimage at least for 6 months. He thought that it might be a good indication from Divine Powers so he  asked his wife to make all arrangements to go on a pilgrimage. One day when all preparations were made, leaving his house and car in the care of Parangat, he left for pilgrimage with his wife. Both were happy. Those days, a gang of decoits was wandering about in the area near about. They were robbing many houses. One day they robbed  one car of Parijat that was kept outside. Next day when Parangat  woke up in the morning and came to know about the robbery, he was in great distress. He went to police. The police made a search all over but in vain. The car was not found. He told to one of his neighbors about the incident. 
The neighbour asked him, if there was any witness that  his house and car were in your care. Parangat said, "No witness was there." Both the friends were alone and the agreement was totally verbal. Then the neighbor suggested him to say straight away that you have no knowledge of his car. 
After a few days Parijat came back from the pilgrimage. He came to know about his car from Parangat. He was shocked. He could not believe it. He took it to be a false story. There was a rift in their friendship now. 
Parangat then started working hard in double shifts to collect the money for a new car. Soon  he collected the required amount of money. One day his neighbor asked him, as why he was working so hard when there was no witness. Parangat said, "yes, witness was there" and it was me, myself. I cannot ignore the voice of my soul haunting me day and night. So I labored hard and collected money for my  friend's car. I can not cheat my friend, because cheating him will be in another way cheating myself only. So i can't do that. He went to the market, bought a new car and placed it in front of Parijat's house. 
Aa Parijat saw this and learnt about the whole story. He screamed with utter joy not for the car but for the true friendship. Both the friends hugged each other and wept passionately. 
So friends, there is always a witness of each act weather good or bad. If you ignore that witness, you will have to repay for the act  done. If everybody understands this fact deeply, then there will be no sin on the Earth and no need of police in the country. 

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