Knowledge and karma

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04 Jun, 22 11:03
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-Sulekha shrivastava

Knowledge and karma

Knowledge and karma both are important in one's life. But do you know that knowledge of something is essential, valuable, and beneficial only when applied to some karmaaccordingly?Peoplearedividedintothreecategories. In the first category, Illiterate and ignorant people spend their life for eating, sleeping, and reproducing only. They are very well satisfied with that only. However, their life is no better than animals. An animal's body is designed by nature for that purpose only. Apart from that human body has many hidden possibilities. Literate and wise people want to do something more than these activities in the second category. They have some knowledge of human life and death. Their inner consciousness is awakened. Their quality of karma is higher. They use their expertise and perform good Karmas. They are laborious, honest, and are of helping attitude. Their grades provide them more elevated status in society. But can you imagine that there is a third category also? People in this category gather knowledge but do not use it on time. They do not use it for health purposes because their intentions are melted. They are lazy themselves and jealous of others. They are proven harmful elements to society. So try to categorize yourself in the second category of literate and wise people.

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