World Earth Day

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08 May, 22 09:42
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- Sulekha Shrivastava

World Earth Day

Earth is the base of our existence and center of our life. But alas, today nobody is careful about the earth.Amongst numerous planets in the universe, our Earth is special. It is said to have 84 lakhs living beings on the Earth. The mother earth is capable to bring them all up. Age of the Earth is about 4.5 billion years. 72% of the Earth is covered with water. Atmosphere of the earth contains 21% of oxygen which is a source for survival of living beings. This oxygen along with carbon dioxide and nitrogen helps plants to grow. Earth revolves round the Sun in 365 days. But today, basic factors of the Earth are imbalanced owing to the greed in human beings.This dangeris increasing day by day. So the need is felt to celebrate this day. First it was celebrated on 22nd April 1970. Now in 193 countries around the world it is being celebrated. It was founded by UnitedStatesSenator Gaylord Nelson. It is also known as International Mother Earth Day. It is celebrated to bring awareness in people and tell them that it is high time to protect the Earth from global warming, pollution all over and exploitation of natural resources. It is celebrated to inspire people to talk and debate on environmental issues and take actions necessary to protect the environment. Natural resources are being used in a great quantity. Luxurious life of human beings have put great pressures on the use of natural resources. Aravli parvat mala is from Palanpur of Gujarat to Raisina of Delhi. It's length is 692 km. In this 550 km Falls in Rajasthan which is near about 80% of the total Parvatmala, Hills. This should be saved to save life of people. Different factors on the Earth are affected. Water is polluted and all water resources are drying up also soon. Air is polluted and giving diseases. Soil erosion is increasing day by day. Deserts are increasing. Landslides are seen everywhere.Floodsareoutof control inrainy season.Global warming is increasing day by day.Geologists say that every year 44 thousand billion watt of heat is coming out of the Earth. Glaciers are melting rapidly due to which water level is increasing. Water level of seas has become a great dangerforpeoplelivingin7517kmof coastalareas.Boundaries of lakes in hillocks are in a position to break at anytime. Direction of river changes anywhere. Climate is changed. Environment is disturbed totally. Forests are catching fire due to heat autometically without any outer source. So now, we have to be aware to protect Mother Earth. We have to reduce use of natural resources such as water and electricity etc. To increase greenery each one of us has to plant atleast one tree every year. Say no to plastic bags and start using cloth or jute bags. Mahatma Gandhi said "Planet Earth can fullfill the need of all on the Earth but it cannot fulfil the greed of even a single person".

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