Bull N Horse

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08 May, 22 08:45
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Bull N Horse

Atraveller riding on his horse was on the way to his destination. Horse was thirsty so he stopped beside a farm. The traveller understood the reason, so he started searching for water all around. He noticed that nearby a farmer was watering his farm with the help of a water wheel, running by two bulls. Their eyes were covered with a piece of leather. So they were roaming round and round. The water wheel was continually making noise along with the tinkling soundofbells tiedinbull'snecks.Travelleraskedthefarmer to give some water for his horse to quench the thirst. After getting the permission he took his horse to the rahat. The horse bent to drink the water but got afraid of the hustle bustle of water wheel and the sound of bells. Like this, he tried to drink thrice but could not drink. Then the traveller requested the farmer to stop that water wheel for a while. The farmer said that the horse will have to drink water when the water wheel is on because if the water wheel is stopped the water also would cease to flow out. Friends,herewehave to look for two things. First, bulls are walking round and round because their eyes are covered with a piece of leather. Second, horse has to drink water while the hustle bustle and tinkling noise of bells is heard. Same is the condition with us. Like bulls, we are also doing same jobs, performing same actions in every birth. Every human being is busy in eating, sleeping and reproducing, thereafter bringing up their children for the whole life. Nobody has time to think that human form is a gift from God to develop spiritually and get rid of shackles and bondages of attachment. Then, like that horse we are also waiting for hustle bustle and different kinds of disturbances to stop if we want to make any effort for spiritual development. Now, it's the highest time to understand that a limited time period of human life is a very good chance for us to either use or waist. We have to opt use of life in the path of salvation. And that too when hustle bustle all around us is on rather than waiting for the time when atmosphere around us is calm and quite, filled with peace. Because, that time will never come as nobody is going to go our way. We have to adjust accordingly for our well-being. Mind you that doing that adjustment also you are not obliging anybody. That also you are doing for your own benefit. If you go deeper, you will surely come to know that everybody is here on this Earth to fulfil his own dreams and his own requirements.Sofor yourownbenefitdonotmiss thechance of this precious and beautiful life and also make all efforts whole heartedly to grow spiritualy. -Sulekha shrivastava

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