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12 Apr, 22 08:26
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 -Sulekha shrivastava


Have you ever taken this word miracle seriously. There are many miracles happening around and also in our day to day life. Life itself is a miracle.This combination of five natural elements in a particular ratio and the human body is ready. Then seven systems working in the body 24 by 7 and life is on. The process is the same for all but still every being is different in color, form and physique. Whether you eat banana or apple it turns into human being after 4 hours. 
 The same birds, animals and insects are also made up of five natural elements only the difference is that  their ratio of combining natural elements is different. 
Just three months ago we had been to jabalpur and happened to see there a Balancing Rock. A huge Rock balancing itself on a small point. Who is behind all this. No technology is working there. Like this, there are many miracles in the world which force you to think something about nature. 
The number nine also seems to be a miracle. The biggest numeral digit is supposed to be an  auspicious digit in  Indian culture and mythology. There are nine Jems, nine planets, nine rasas in Hindi literature, nine doors in human body then nine nights of navratri are there. If you write the table of nine the product of every multiple digit is nine. Planet Earth is round that means 360-degree. Sum of its digits 3 + 6 + 0 also comes nine. The sum total of human years of all the four ages also equals to nine. A human body is formed complete within nine months in its mother's womb. Now  the main thing is that these are not the facts about which science can ever explore in future  also. So just bow to these  miracles. 
Now after nine again one comes in front that shows a vast sky of immense possibilities in human life. 
These are the days of Navratri festival to give a new start to some big planning running in your mind. Just give a beautiful shape to your imaginations as these days are pious days. Blessings by different nine Godess  are being showered on everybody now a days. The saying is "Do today what you want to do tomorrow. "
                     Happy Navratri to you all
                  -Sulekha shrivastava

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