Over Confidence

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07 Apr, 22 10:52
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-Sulekha Shrivastava  

Over Confidence

Gunjan was a great swimmer. He had won many prizes for swimming fast. None of his friends could beat him for a long period. One day, he went to a picnic with his friends. They reached by a river, had snacks and tea while enjoying beautiful scenes around. Then they sat at the bank of a river nearby and started to gossip. Villagers near by denied them to go into the water because little ahead the river was deep and muddy too. So all agreed except Gunjan. He decided to go into the water. All tried to stop him his friends as well as villagers  but in vain. He wanted to show that he can go and come back swiftly and safely. 
Suddenly, he found that his legs were stuck in the mud. He tried his best but he could not come up. Down in the water one can not shout also for help. He was throwing his hands and striving to come up. All at the bank were watching but nobody could dare to go into the water to save him, as it was very risky. By the time rescue team could arrive there, Gunjan had left the world. 
This was the result of his overconfidence which comes up because of ego inside. Ego means a false image of yourself what you are not. You think yourself to be, either in a lower state or in a higher state than you actually are. Both the situations are dangerous. Note down that Ego is the biggest mistake ever done by a human being. One can find everything in the world but not his own mistake. This mentle state raises its head because of the feeling of insecurity inside. So by preserving ego, you feel yourself  stronger than you are. A person erects a wall around him and feels safe inside that boundary. He thinks of a special image of him resting in people's hearts and he cannot just think of breaking that image because that image gives him strength, makes him feel more secure. 
But alas, that all is false. You need to think yourself, if the so called image was true, there would'nt have been any feeling of insecurity then. As the true image is itself sufficient to make you feel strong. No need to care about the world then. Otherwise also what people think about you is most of the times wrong because they judge you according to their own perspectives and thinking pattern and everybody's  thinking pattern is different. So many people, many thinking patterns, many thinking attitudes where as your personality is one. So no need to worry too much.  Be confident but not overconfident.Truth is always powerful. Reality is always strong. 
So be bold enough to drop down that false image. Accept the reality whatever it is, face it courageously and start working on yourself to improve it. We are all human beings and everybody makes mistakes. As you know a politician stated once, "Every so called good person had a past and every so called bad person has a future. "  Remember always that you are a unique creation of The Almighty God. 

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