With or Without    

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17 Mar, 22 10:09
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-Sulekha Shrivastava  

With or Without    

You are with somebody always. Day or night, morning or evening. The interesting thing is that this condition is not for a day or two or moths but it remains for yrs. In other words you are  in this condition for years. Since birth, parents, brother sister, relatives, friends, spouse, society, office collegues  environment etc.etc.

                One  day you say that nobody leaves me alone for a while also. Though you utter these words but the thing is that at heart you urself like this situation. The reason is simple that you feel urself important when you are  amongst all. In other words you try ro say that these people can't live without me. It may be true that you have reserved some place, a specific place for you amongst all. That only means that your some or the other quality has made you useful up to some extent for them. They are getting some benifit out of your that  quality so they are paying a bit attention towards you. But that doesn't mean that they cannot live without you. They will forget you as soon as they find somebody else better than you in the same field. That time you will realise that you cannot live without them. Just because when they paid attention, U unknowingly developed the habit of somebody buttering you all the time, for or without reason.

               Now, when people don't pay attention, you feel unhappy, ignored and angry. Then you start blaming others for no reason. Somtimes you put serious aligations also on others and you bring reasons also from nowhere to justify urself. This all is done to make urself important again.

                This all togather creates a chaoes or confusion in ur mind. This is one instance of ur life. Like this, many instances we face in our lives. Every instance sometimes render peace and sometimes pain. From birth till old age many instances confront us. The result is sometimes pain and sorrow with blaming others and sometimes peace and joy with praising others. This all whether good or bad is responsible to create a state of mind in you. Mind means  mental body, all the time full of thoughts or emotions, regarding those all, small or big instances you  had been  facing all through ur life. Not only facing but also storing them in your unconcious mind.

               These thoughts n emotions provoke you to act in a specific manner. You act accordingly. These are your Karmas, a storage of which you have made unknowingly or unawarely. In old age after 60 years when you come in contact with some enlightened person, you hear or read some very literate or spiritual person then you are suddenly told that to walk on the spiritual path or to get developed spiritually you have to calm all chatterings of your mind. Be peaceful and loving to all creation of Almighty God. Then in order to lead a peaceful spiritual life, you have to leave all that you have been collecting in ur mind all through ur life. All seemed true but all were a false illusion.

               Now, in the begining, you said that people can't live without me but now you have  to be strong enough to live without them. They can live or not without you , is their problem  but you surely have   to learn to live without  them. Its not only  for your betterment but also an only way  take you  to salvation for which we are born on the Earth in the form of human being. Remember well that no other form of life or no other being has this fecility to avail.


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