International Woman’s  Day& Sarojini Naidu

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14 Mar, 22 09:47
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-Sulekha Shrivastava

International Woman’s  Day& Sarojini Naidu

8th March is a significant day. Can you make out the meaning of this magical word? Every letter of which says something quietly about a woman. 
W--a wonderful wife
O--outstanding friend
M--marvelous daughter
A--adorable sister
N--nurturing mother
               These are the qualities hidden in a woman, which she cannot express herself. Men have to go deeper into her heart and fetch the meanings out from there within. These can be found in her speech, gestures, and body language. A man must be keen enough to notice them all and react in the same language or manner. But, alas, in foreign countries, women had to fight for their rights from time to time.  
                In India, the scene had been different for a long time. Here, since the time of Vedas, women have been educated. They got the chance to speak, converse, and argue on different spiritual topics with men. Gargi and Vidushi are great examples. But as time passed, Invaders attacked India, and circumstances were changed. These were responsible for bringing women on their back foot for some time. But this could not stay for long.  
               A great personality emerged in the guise of a great star and leader in India by the name of Sarojini Naidu. She was born on 13th  March 1879 in Hyderabad. Later she became the first governor of Independent India from U P and the first woman chairman of the Indian National Congress. She fought for women and brought significant changes in India again. Her date of birth, 13th March, is celebrated as National Women's Day in India. 
                 National and international women's day is the most important day to be celebrated in the country and the world. Why so? Because they belong to half of the earth's population, they occupy a significant room and play an essential role on the stage of the country and the world. Therefore the government is busy bringing and launching new plans for women empowerment. Different programs are being executed, and different plans are converted into actions for the same reason. 
                I should remind you that 8th  March is International women's day, whereas 13th March is National women's day. Society has to move on and change its thinking pattern. 
                Now, in India, Sarojini  Naidu was a great name. Her father, Aghornath Chattopadhyay, was a scientist and an educationist, whereas Varda Sundari was a great poet of the Bengali language. Sarojini  Naidu was excellent in Urdu, Hindi, English, Telugu, Bangla, and Farsi languages. She cleared her matric examinations at the age of 12. At 13, she wrote a poem, Lady of the Lake, and a drama Mahar manir. She was awarded a scholarship by Nizam of Hyderabad to study in foreign. At the age of 16, she went to study in England, where along with her studies, she wrote many poems. Her collections of poetry are The golden threshold, Bird of time, Broken wing, Hyderabad ke Bazarron me, The queen's rival, and The royal tombs of Golconda. She sang her poems so sweetly that she was called Nightingale of India.
                She was a freedom fighter and actively participated in Savinay avagya Andolan and Satyagrah Andolan with Gandhiji. Many times she was also jailed. In 1931 she participated in the Goal maiz conference. In 1942 she was jailed for taking part in Bharat chhodo Andolan. She worked with many eminent leaders of India. Fought for the rights and welfare of women in India. She helped establish the Indian Federation to protect the social and political rights of women. She played an important role in establishing the Women Indian association also. 
. She presented Home rule League also. The office of Bharatiya Mahila Parishad in New Delhi is named after her name as Sarojini Naidu to respect her cooperation in the rights and education of women in India. She was the first woman to say that only a family and society will be educated properly when a woman has been educated. When India got freedom, she became the first Governor of independent India. So we celebrate her birthday as National Women's Day. This day reminds us of the great deeds and magical personality of Sarojini  Naidu. 
                She proved to be an excellent example of leadership for women. She taught and showed that a woman could do anything if she wanted. While working actively in politics, she had a massive attack on 2nd March 1949, and the Great Divine Soul was departed from us forever. Her name is engraved in the  Golden letters in the history of India.

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