Good or Bad

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10 Feb, 22 11:05
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- Sulekha Shrivastava

Good or Bad

In this world, no person is good or bad. The truth is everybody is just as he is. What today, we are seeing is just one layer of his personality. Many layers of this fold  of his personality are hidden inside. 
Circumstances--- As today we see him is not the  result of circumstances that he has gone through in this life but his today's personality is the outcome of various circumstances that he had been facing in various previous births. He might have seen good or bad times, easy or difficult situations, sometimes people around him co-operating while sometimes not co-operating, sometimes rich in resources whereas sometimes poor in resources to face those situations. In separate births,  scenes might have been different different for him. All these, he himself also does not remember now. But all these surely have different impacts on his personality. 
Sanskars--- We just cannot know another important factor that is sanskar in him. A child when takes birth on the earth, brings  Sanskar with him acquired from the previous many births. Those Sanskar that he had acquired in previous births are with him in this birth also. Then in this birth while growing older, he gets Sanskar from his parents, relatives etc. He also gets Sanskar from the environment and the society. Then there are those Sanskar also which he himself has acquired and developed thinking them to be the right ones, for his life. 
These all situations, circumstances and different Sanskar mould his personality to give it a specific shape. His thinking pattern,  his attitude all are shaped according to that only. 
Thus his personality is moulded. Now, with impact of so many layers, he has to face present life situations. So, we cannot say for any of his reactions that he is good or bad whether his reactions are right or wrong . However, he reacts just shows the impact of so many layers on his personality. That is the glimpse of impact or influence on him. 
We can say that he can and he must try to bring changes in his personality to be a better person which is in the favour of his bright future which everybody wants. 
So when dealing with somebody, instead of getting angry, we must accept a person as he is but escaping our own self from the bad influence from him. First save your own self then can adopt helping attitude. Our thought level should be high as it is everybody's  social duty to help raising the level of humanity.

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