Dwait Adwait

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10 Feb, 22 10:49
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- Sulekha Shrivastava

Dwait Adwait

Nowadays, multitasking has become a fashion and need to some extent. In multitasking, you have to pay attention to many goals  simultaneously.
 But when you are on the spiritual path again, you have to go childish. Act just like a child. Do whatever you want but be present there mentally also. When your hand, head, and heart go in one direction, you are on the spiritual path. Because now you can pay attention towards the purification of the mind, which is necessary to attain freedom from the slavery of the mind. After that, only you will be able to experience Oneness pervading all over the universe.
 There is another approach also to get what is Adwait. Every human being is equipped with sanskar from his previous birth, this present birth, got from family members and relatives and lastly from society and the environment.
 In this world, he only looks at everything person, place, or situation through the filter of those sanskar. Therefore there is a big difference in the thinking pattern of one person to another person. Every person in life sees sometime the good side and another time bad side of the same coin because the same side of the coin is beneficial to someone and harmful to another person at different times. But you should be mature enough to find the goodness that is hidden in the bad side also because God that Supreme Power never does bad to anyone. Everything you get in life is the result of your karmas, so everybody is getting good or bad according to his karmas only. So we should not try to search right or wrong in anything. Neither you should be judgemental, nor you should favor or disfavor anything. You should just become a witness to any action done by you or any other person. Actually, we are habitual of finding mistakes. We have to leave that habit also. When we see any person, place, thing, or action in the way it is,  neither good nor bad, then that state is called a state of  Adwait.No two things only one. Dwait means two different aspects of something, whereas Adwait means only one aspect. When you accept both sides of the coin without getting affected, then you are in the state of Adwait

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