Heaven on the earth – Uttarakhand

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21 Dec, 21 10:34
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Sulekha Shrivastava

Heaven on the earth – Uttarakhand

 Nature and environment are given particular importance in Indian culture because nature is an expression of God almighty. Along with this, nature is also created by God only. As you enter Uttarakhand, overwhelmed with natural beauty, you are stunned to see the glory of God almighty scattered all over. Whether it's a river flowing downwards from hills or peaks of hills shining in golden color due to sunlight. You are lost there, forgetting all miseries and tensions in this worldly life.
           I have been to Uttarakhand, there Kedarnath, Badrinath, Rishikesh, and Haridwar in October, this year only.
 Their people spend their whole life in serving and saving nature selflessly.  History presents the witness of sacrifices made by residents, whether it's a matter of Chipko movement or Maiti movement. They have sacrificed their lives to save trees because they deeply understand the value of greenery in nature. 
           A great lady Shrimati Prabhadevi Semwal used to grow grass for her animals and bring wood for her home. Since childhood, she had been practicing this, but neither she cut any small plant nor she ever de-rooted any plant. She planted small plants in a number, and gradually as she nurtured them, they turned into huge trees. Today, she has 500 trees of her own, a jungle of her own.
          At this age of 70 also her life circles around trees and her animals. Her children grew up and settled down in foreign countries, but she never left these trees alone. For her, they are no less valuable than her children. Her daughter-in-law named Reena Semwal, who lives abroad, has written an article on her mother-in-law's sacrifices wherefrom this part is extracted.
         Come, let's each of us also plant a tree and nurture it in order to save the environment for the next generation.
 And nature is something where you can practice spirituality at a rapid pace.

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