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Save water, Plant trees, Use Solar cooker Ecosystem Restoration, theme of World Environment day

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10 Jun, 21 08:36
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Save water, Plant trees, Use Solar cooker Ecosystem Restoration, theme of World Environment day

One Health Apporach,Health of Environment,Health of Animals,Health of Human being On the eve of world Environment day ,5 th june we should pledge to save water which is essential component of our body as all metabolic activities takes place in our body in water as it constitutes 70% of our body weight. Not only for human being it is essential part of the Animals and Plants as they can also not survive without the water . Save water- Daily Life – we can do it by minimize the use of water in our daily routine activities like Bathing ,washing cloth ,using small can for lavatory ,mopping the floor instead the washing .In many ways this important resource of life can be saved . Save Rain water –(STOP RAIN TO DRAINS) Restore Surface and Underground water – we are extracting the underground water without restoration resulting this water is depleted and dark area are created in country where no more underground water is available .we have closed all sources of natural recharge of the rain water both out side our house ( by constructing wall to wall road ) by cementing the floor inside the house so no natural recharge takes place in the underground water both out side or inside the building so this rain water goes waste into drains . Artificial Recharge of Rain water – By DEWAS WATER FILTER -This is only way left to restore the depleted water ,which is simple ,cheapest ,easiest method to recharge any underground water source like well,Tube well,Hand Pump .So we should install it before the rain comes so that our roof top water goes into the water source to recharge . Plant Trees –we have seen the crisis for oxygen recently during this corona pandemic the most important resource for our survival ,we will die within few minutes if we do not get oxygen .The plants are the only source for production of oxygen and maintain our ecosystem .only way left for us to plant the trees in this coming monsoon and maintain them through out life as they will be future source for oxygen for our next generation .Simple way is to plant at least two plant in front our house and treat them as our own children and maintain them till they can self sustain . I have planted 17 various types of plants in my Arvind Nagar colony and used to go for watering in night as if these plants are ( my children ) do not sleep thirsty .They have taken a shape of big trees by now giving shelter and food to birds and oxygen to the colony.when I can do it why we all can not do it . Use of Solar cooker – A Boon for working women and farmer- A Solar energy is the free sources of energy and every day we need food to eat and maintain our body .we are mostly using LPG gas or wood for which plants are to be cut and LPG source is also having a limit .My wife Dr Manju jain cooking in the solar cooker since last 40 years .It is simplest ,cheapest and easiest method of cooking and there is no loss natural nutrient in this cooking .You can cook ,rice ,pulses ,green vegetables ,Dal-Bati ,Lapsi ,Khaman ,Cake and many more with this natural resource of solar energy . We should today on the eve of world Environment day take a oath that we will save water, plant tree and use solar cooker for Restoration of Ecosystem . WATER –HERO Dr P.C.jain M.B.B.S.

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