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Need to be extra wary of hygiene

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26 Jun, 20 10:19
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Need to be extra wary of hygiene

Alright, so life is getting back to normal. But this is a new normal where you need to be extra wary of hygiene. The old saying of washing hands regularly is now the norm everyone has to follow. COVID-19 virus is there to stay until we get medicine or vaccine ready for the same. Several pharma companies are working relentlessly to find the solution. This is both a measure of humanity and a way to be a leader in the market as this medicine will be nothing short of any panacea.
However, until a government recommended medicine is ready and available through the medical practitioners, we need to be careful and do not believe any claims from anyone. No matter how authentic the claimed medicine looks, it must be approved by the government of India. Until then, precaution is care.
 While medicine is a must when you get infected by the virus, until then, we need to start preparing ourselves. We need immunity in the body to ensure the illness does not impact us so quickly. There are several measures one can take, but you must look forward to seeing which method suits you. If you can do Yoga, nothing like that, but if you can’t, try other ways to boost your immunity.
The idea of taking supplements that help boost immunity is good, but as long as possible, the natural ways like fruits and vegetable should be preferred.
 Although offices are now opening, and travel is back on track as well, but you must remember that we have a higher number of cases, and that makes it easy for you to catch the virus. To reduce vulnerability, being careful is the only key. Whether you touch the handle of your two-wheeler or unlock the car, the first idea must be to wash hands as soon as possible. If you are stepping into your vehicle, make sure you have a small bottle of sanitizer inside before you get started. Avoid using cars of friends, and if you have to, ensure you sanitize all the places you touch before you leave the vehicle. It’s equally important to keep others safe.
 The last outing is the best measure as of now. As schools are closed, kids need not step out of the house for any reason. If they need to, they must be equipped with masks and sanitizer. Kids, if they are old enough to step out of the house, must be given due training. And as we know, they learn from parents and elders. So, in any case, you must practice what you want your kids to learn.
 We are dealing with tough times, and we can quickly come out victorious with a little precaution. This time of life will be recorded in history, and you must be able to read that history. Stay there, and keep fit. Together, we shall conquer!

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