The Payback Time

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04 Feb, 20 11:33
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The Payback Time

I t took more than 22 hours for the forest department to get hold of the panther that had entered the city palace of Udaipur this week. This incident of an animal entering into human township is not new. In fact, every other day this kind of news hits the media. Remember, only such incidences are reported that happen in the important areas.Such issues are common for villagers who dwell around forests and are never reported. We know that the theory of survival of the fittest applies here. People try and contain the animal for their own safety first. And in such an exercise, sometimes, the animal loses the game of life. People do not want to harm the animals and even animals have no such intentions. They live their lives on a daily basis and attack or intrude only when they are forced to. We believe that the animal entered the residential areasbutthefactis justthe reverse.Andweknowwhat it means. The animals are not even safe in jungles. They must step out in search of water and food. Obviously, we the human, are better developed and can think for both the species. The need is just not to increase the areas of the jungle which are equipped with boundaries, but we also need to arrange the food and water for them. Those in the cage are free from the worries of food but then they are not free. And those who are free in the jungle have to struggle for their food. The idea of providing food has to be naturally designed so that the life cycle doesn’t break. It needs the natural atmosphere and ambiance inside the jungle. This needs research and plans. And of course, a true will to implement the same. Just like the jungle, we have intruded into nature’s space badly. And it needs correction. We have already reached a threshold where we must cover every empty land with trees and plants. With that goal in mind, every citizen must pledge to plant as many trees as possible as they can. It's easy to find empty spaces outside the house. Just get some low maintenanceplantsandtaketheirresponsibilitiesuntiltheybecome self-sufficient. Nature will not come harming you as the animals do, but it will impact you in a way that would be irreversible. This is like investing in the future for your own kids. The idea is that you grow your own oxygen and donate some to others as well. We also need to pay back for all the furniture we used to date and papers we utilized, and so on. It will take the rest of the lifetime but start today on a positive note. Your act will create inspiration inside as well as outside. A plant planted by you will be taken care of by your family members for sure.And then, challenge your neighbors to join the act. Its time to payback else we will be forced to do so in the future, which will not be a pleasant thing to happen.

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