Work on Your Strength!

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24 Jan, 20 04:33
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Work on Your Strength!

The first month of the year 2020 is about to end and with that, the countdown for the final exams in an academic institution has begun. While students are already reeling under pressure, parents and teachers too are not too far from this trauma. There exist a number of relaxation techniques, but the real way out is preparation.Abalanced preparation brings confidence, which eradicates the tension at multiple levels. But you can only afford to revise what you have already covered in the past 10 months. If you still have lessons untouched, it would be a real risk to take them up. In fact, you shall be risking the other chapters that you already have mastered. Now, the key is revision. And you can revise what you have already covered and nothing new.And when you revise, keep an eye on the previous years’ papers. You will not only get a good idea about how questions are framed; you will also understand the weight of certain chapters over others. Now, if you have chaptersthatyounevertouched, you should only pick the ones thathavegoodweight in the previous years. The key to success is being smart. Pay more attention to the chapters that are high scoring. Some questions, with little effort, can give you 20 marks while others, even collectively might weigh only 10-12 marks. Now, there are some key facts and formulas that you must learn by heart in order to solve any problem or derive any algorithm. So, pick those and put them on the wall so that you see them every time you see the wall.These last few weeks is also the time to stay true to your studying patterns. If people suggest you wake up early in the morning and you have been studying late nights instead, do not change anything now. Even if one fine day, you fail to wake up early, you will lose a precious day. Yes, because when you start your day with regret of loss of time, you never get settled with the peace of mind.Plan entire week in advance but focus on closing chapters with 100 percent confidence rather than completing the syllabus. When you are well prepared for 80% of your course, you can finish the papers with the questions you know faster and then you can attempt the ones that you could not prepare.Also, ensure that you attempt all the required questions. If you even have studied a chapter once in the past months, you will have a fair idea about how to get closer to the correct answer. If it’s mathematics, for example, you can demonstrate that you know the method and that could fetch you a few marks.The key to success is working on your strengthratherthanweakness.Whenyouworkonyourstrength, you excel and when you work on your weakness, you reach theaveragelevel.Andatthispointintime, youmustbefocused to realize what you already have rather than chasing for what you do not have.Be confident, take regular breaks, and keep the mind calm. You have worked throughout the year, you are bound to attain the success, and it will come for sure.

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