Gain and Loss from a Crime!

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16 Jan, 20 05:12
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Gain and Loss from a Crime!

The recent decision by the honorable court to hang the four culprits of the Nirbhaya case has finally given some relief to the people who were waiting for justice. Yes, it took too long but then the capital punishment is somewhat relieving for the people of the country. The punishment started for the culprits seven years ago and waiting for death for all these years would have been no less than a hellish feeling. And of course, these culprits would have gauged their gain versus theirloss million times before today and will keep cursing their momentary lust that only leads to a wasted and painful life. Nature is cruel when it comes to mathematics about your Karma and fruition. You can never avoid the fruit no matter how smart you play.You can considerthat nature has a CCTV camera fit right in your soul that keeps recording each and every act you do. So, there is always a balanced and correct reaction to what you do, consciously. Remember, you hear a small voicefrominsidethat tells you to do something orothereverymoment.The same voice screams with the same power when you try and commit a crime. You believe that this sound is nothing and can be ignored. It actually notes down your crime from your own self and ensures that you pay for it at a later time. If you honestly see around you, you will find that none of the people who were cruel in your childhood led to a happy old age. From a highly placed minister to any ordinary citizen, no one who committed a crime could ever get away without the punishment. And now, if you think that the type and magnitude of the punishment would be the same as that of crime, or you will beabletomanageitwithyourmoneyandpower,restassured, you are mistaken. The punishment includes the interest of all these elapsed years since you committed a crime. This is why when you steal a hundred rupees; eventually, you end up losing million or more. Acrime thatthese vicious criminals committed toNirbhaya lasted a few hours or less. And see the number of years they have been in jail since. And even now, they are going to be hanged. Their case will be referred to as a bad example.And above all, their parents will never be able to live that respectful life ever again. A crime committed by one person leads many lives to hell, forever. This awareness is much needed among people from all walksoflife.Themathematicsofgainandlossmustbeexplained with all details to every child. In fact, there must be chapters in the books or there should be extra classes that teach boys about manhood. They must be told to try and remain a man. The quest to prove their manhood against a weak girl will leadthemandtheirfamilies tonowhere.Thereputationearned by their parents will bite the dust just because of a heinous act by their family members. The time is now to educate and use this case as a blatant example.

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