New Year Resolution

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06 Jan, 20 08:52
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New Year Resolution

It has become a custom that as New Year comes; people start thinking about making resolutions. The word “resolve” means absolute determination to do what one has decided to do.One awes to implement whatever one has decided to do. However, in a number of cases resolutions are not followed by practical action. Some of the reasons for this might be choosing resolutions that are not implementable or one is not confident that one is capable of doing so. We in India believe that the whole world is a family and we should work for its welfare. Even individuals like us can do our bit to make this world a better place to live in. For example, to lesser air pollution, we can reduce the emission of carbon-di-oxideby sharingvehicles forgoingtooffice,using public transport, not using vehicle once a week or month, making judicious use of frig etc., switching of vehicles when the wait is long at traffic crossing or during traffic jams. Today, plastic is a big sourceofpollutiononecannotresolvehottouseproducts made of plastics that are not bio degradable. One cans vow to make minimum use of single use plastic items such as plates, spoons and glasses. In this direction municipal corporation Udaipur has taken a good decision to provide free of charge metal for cooking, plates, spoons and glasses that are adequate for 200 persons. One can take a decision to use carry bags made of cloth for shopping. One can take a firm decision to save precious water by using buckets and not shower for bathing and rain harvesting system in one's house. The resolve not to waste food can be another wise move realizingthatmillionsofpeoplearestarvingorhalffed.Wasting food is being an unjust to the farmer who has foiled hard in the field and to the chain of people who bring food from the farm to the kitchen

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