Share Humor not Rumors!

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27 Dec, 19 09:10
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Share Humor not Rumors!

In the times of unrest over CAA and now NPR, the social media is abuzz with facts, responses, reactions, and rumors. Now, everything is okay, but rumors are dangerous. Rumors are like a small fire that can incinerate society in no time. So, the need of the hour is to keep eyes and ears open but keep a tab on your fingers when you are prompted to share a socalled viral message.Apart from existing menace of viral messages, we now have social media accounts that try and convince you one fact or the other.And generally, when they suit the mindset of the receiver, they look to forward it to propagate. Now, if that remains confined to propaganda and a matterofdebate,it’s fine.But, sometimes,theseprovocativemessages add fuel to fire. And we see what we are seeing these days. Each and every sensibleindividualwouldtell you that you have a right to agreeordisagree.Bothare acceptable and add value to the world’s largest democracy. But when these two colors get darker and sweeter, they cause ailment.And society pays a hefty price for these. When you agree to something without considering the facts, you are promoting opaque and misleading ideas. And at the same time, if you disagree just to protest and oppose the government, you again do harm to yourself, society, and in turn to the nation. The nation today needs logical thinkers who can help the government draft good bills and make stronger laws. When you see a new bill and you find problems with it, protest— peacefully with your senses open and within the framework of law and order of the land.Aprotest is your democratic right and that tells the government that the bill needs correction. The government listens to you and then they make corrections. Now, if you make the protest violent, the entire focus shifts from a bill’s content and applicability to the law and order of the land. This is what is happening with the CAAright now. The protest again must lead to a peaceful path so that thediscussions cancomeback tothemainissue,whichseems digressed today, totally. The idea is simple. You need to ensure that the message you are forwarding is true to your knowledge and can be verified if required. When in doubt, you can choose to investigate or simply ignore and move on. You must be a propeller and promoter of truth for that matter. Only a true Indian would love to see peace and harmony in the country and that is the utmost parameter for your patriotism. Support the chosen government in your state and in the country. Help the administration curb the hatemongers and contribute to a positive India.All you need to do is exercise a bit caution and be wary of the provocative content. Let’s head to make a great India, from this moment.

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