Kataria's magic

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23 Nov, 19 06:36
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Kataria's magic

Udaipur: In spite of anti-incumbency in Udaipur Katariya again succeeded to form Municipal board again, 6 times in a row. Out of 70 constituencies in Udaipur BJP is able to retain not only in power but 44 out of 70 it's a good figure in spite of Congress wave and undercurrent against BJP. Recentlyelectionsfor49boardswereconductedbyelectioncommissionRajasthan. Udaipur is the only Nagar Nigam, where BJP is all set to get its mayor again. In 17 Nagar Nigam / Municipal Council election held Congress was able to get 9 votes while, BJP has to retain only one in Udaipur, rest 7 are be dependent on Independent councilors. It seems that Congress will able to get in power in most Municipal Council / Nigams where the fate of the board is to be decided by independent. As per Nagar Palika are concern Congress was able to get clear mandate 11 boards, While BJP should get satisfied with five for, rest 13 the magic figures rest with independent. It’s clear that like previous election urban people are of the view that they prefer state Municipal combination for development. In the recent Lok Sabha election held19, BJP was able to clean sweep in all 25 Lok Sabha seats. There verdict BJP is Confine on nationalism and its commitment to financial reforms. No doubt in magic to Modi continue in a row second time in Lok Sabha. On contrary to the Hippocratic and aristocrat politics along with arbitrary Roll of Vasundhara was rejected by people and Express faith in Ashok Gahlot. In recent municipal elections despite abolished section 370 and Ram Mandir. BJP failed to get an advantage in this election on the contrary public showed faith in Ashok Gehlot. The results were a setback for the BJP which has traditionally been strong in urban areas. The saffron party managed to win a clear majority in only six urban local bodies The consolation for the party was that managed to retain the Udaipur municipal corporations and won more seats than the Congress in the Bharatpur municipal corporation. The Congress got 36.67 percent vote share in the polls while the BJP got 33.43 percent and independents got 27 percent. In the face of fierce public anger against the mayor, Chandra Singh Kothari and team new faces were given tickets as per strategy. BJP get success in this election on the contrary Congress was failed to encash drawbacks and anti-incumbency. The triumph card of Katariya was to propose Govind Singh tank as Mayor candidate. technocrat Govind Singh tank is RSS face and known for his foresighted reason for the development in RPSC chairman for 3 years. A number of projects he designs cost less than 50% of the DPR design by government officials. As he was declared an RSS candidate for Mayor. RSS team gets activated fully in this election. Now it's clear that Tak will be next mayor for Udaipur thanks to Kataria for his well-planned foresight vision for Udaipur. Congress is likely to fight Arun talk for the post of Mayor as a candidate.policymakers and dynamic CM will try to get rift in BJP so that yet another Tak May chair Municipal Council but it seems next to impossible. CWC Member Raghuveer Meena said, “We have a clear majority in 23 of the local bodies and we will form the board in another eight.” Political analyst Abbas Rizavi said the results were a relief for the Congress. “Despite the infighting in the party, the Congress has managed a good show. The results will strengthen Gehlot’s position in the party.”He said after the Lok Sabha the party was demoralised but with the win in the bypolls and the civic polls, the party functionaries will work with renewed vigour. out Of the total 2105 wards, Congress won in 961while the BJP won 737. Independents won in 386 wards while the BSP notched a win in 16 and the CPIM in 2. .Dr Girija Vyas said the results were an endorsement of the work done by the Gehlot government and had broken BJP’s illusion that it is strong in urban areas. BJP tried to highlight issues of nationalism, the SC verdict on the Ram temple, abrogation of article 370 but these issues did not cut ice with the people. BJP also tried to pin down the government on the issues of failure to deliver on farm of loan waiver, unemployment dole and the rising crime rate, reimposing the toll tax on state highways. But voters seem to have rejected these issues too, adds Rizvi

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