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13 Nov, 19 08:48
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- Ashok Mathur

The smogy condition of environment in Lake City recently is a cause of great concern. The extremely high level of air pollution in Delhi and the adjcent areas of Rajasthan had its impact on Udaipur. Mother Earth is the only planet we have globalwarmingthatiscausedbyexcessiveemission of gases can lead to irreversible changes in the delicate balance that exists in the planets climate and life system. It is a growing crisis with large scale implications on mortality, health, economy and security. The importance of action at all levels to tackle this problem cannot be overemphasized. All of us will be affected irrespective of economic status or nationality and it is up to each of us to apply our creative knowledge to move forward the common goal. We have still not reached a point of no return and most dangerous climate changes can still be avoided. It is action on the ground that makes all the difference in achieving our goals. As far as the proportion of four wheeler vehicles and the population of the city is concerned lake City occupies high position in the country. Udaipurites are only second to Jaipur tes. And what makes the situation worse Is the high number of vehicles running on the road that do not come up to pollution standards. The number of tempos has also shot up. When petrol, diesel and fuels that contain carbon are not burnt fully, carbon monoxide is produced that is very harmful for us. Ozone that is found in the upper layer of the environment protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. A gas that comes out of fridges,air conditionsgadgetsetc.ChloroFluoro Carbon enters the environment and mixing with other gases affects the ozone layer adversely. Smoke and dust particles remain suspended in the air and produce fog. According to specialists, the tiny particles enter the respiratory system and with its each breath they reach the cells of the heart luggage andbraincausingseriousdiseases suchas cancer,HeartAttackandbreathingproblem. Inaddition to this, there are many problems such as causing burning in eyes and allergy to that are caused because of the irritants. For improving the situation, the outdated bikers have to be taken off the road. A large number of low floor City buses have to be introduced. There should be a large number of e- Rickshaws on the road. The use of bicycles is to be encouraged is it is also good for health. Going to office and factories in shared vehicles is likely to reduce air pollution. Not using vehicles once a week is also a good step in the right direction.

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