Parking facility in Lake City

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03 Oct, 19 05:10
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Parking facility in Lake City

- Ashok Mathur

A big black blot on the beautiful moon like face of Udaipur is the perennial parking problem. Not difficult it is to find reason for this chaotic condition. One of the main ones is the fact that the city has the largest number of vehicles per person in the whole of the state. In the streets that are narrow the problem becomes more acute. The situation worsens when we act in an irresponsible manner and Park our vehicles in the wrong palace in an improper way. One finds it very difficult to enter place like big banks and hospitals as the way to enter is often blocked by vehicles. A most modern parking space is to be provided Tonga Stand, Surajpole that will cost 8.80crore. This six-levelmechanicalparkingis tohavespaceforabout 100 four -wheelers. The parking space at Chandpole that has now one level will have multi level parking facility. It will cost 3.63crore. The efforts of the local bodies to ease traffic problems by providing parking facilities are praiseworthy However, on the other hand the public itself, creates problem. On either side of the 100-ftRoad from UniversityRoad toShobhagpura there are a large number of stalls on the footpath and bigfoodcourt has sprung u p . Th e newly built Link Road from Mewar Motors to Shaktinagar is being used for parking. On the newly built Roadways bus stand to Sikh colony Road can be seen vehicles parked on either side Shaktinagar is no exception and the road has become a parking space in spite of the fact that there are parking facilities In the nearby Nagar Nigam campus The story is not different in the case of place like Bapu Bazar etc. However,nowit seems thatthelocalauthorizedhavewoken up to face the problem of parking especially in areas with narrowstreetsandheavy trafficaccordingKamarChaudhari,CEO, Smart City Company, the work of providing parking facility at different place and improving and updating them is going on. The focus is on hightech traffic management and on solving traffic problems in Inner areas of the city. If the work progress property it will be possible to complete it before The Tourist season next year. The survey work is going on for the last several months. The process of tendering has already been started and the technical bids are open by the end of this month. Then work orders are to be given. There has been a long standing demand for parking near Saheliyon ki badi.An undergrounding parking is to be search built under state Council of Education on training Campus at the cost of 54.80 lac. Tourists and businessmen will be able to park their vehicles here instant of the road that causes frequent traffic jams. For the benefit of the public and shopkeepers, a multilevel parking is to be built at Nadakhada at the cost of 7.62 crore. It is one of the most crowded areas in the City.A parking at the cost of 5.71 crore is to be built in the RNT Medical College Campus as there is no parking area in the vicinity that has important officers like collectorate.Government MB Hospital thebiggestoneinthedivisionwherealargenumberofpatients from distant area as also from MP come for treatment is going to have parking facilities at the cost of 4.81 crore. It will be a big relief also for doctors and other staff.

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