Pass The Last Taste Of Food That You Love: As When You've Edible Cutleries

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26 Jul, 21 10:36
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-Arkaprava Das

Pass The Last Taste Of Food That You Love: As When You've Edible Cutleries

Schemes are being taken in every way to make our world free from harming polluting toxic substances. India is an active member in this worldwide initiative and thus is keeping strict control over the use of plastic items, one of the key manmade products dumping damaging carbon footprints. The proceeding includes further innovation on alternate materials that can replace plastic products and cause no evil to our environment. In this measure, something that you'll love to try as a new taste – Edible Cutleries, made in India.
The edible cutleries are gaining their steady pace now in the global market as popular substitutes for the single-use plastic containers, cups, plates, spoons as used in food stalls and local eateries. You may be pleased to know that the first thought of such an innovative product came from Narayana Peesapathy from India, the founder of Bakeys. It was during 2006 that he started finding an agricultural system to reduce water use and save ground water of his farm, which he found to be decreasing in the use of rice cultivation.
As an alternative, he chose millet in place of rice to grow and then, the researcher of International Crop Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) made spoon out of baked millets and then other serving utilities, like, plates, cups and more. In the year 2010, Peesapathy started his Hyderabad based company, Bakeys Food Pvt Ltd that began supplying millet baked edible cutleries.
In this eco-friendly business, other brands are coming to perform, namely, Biotrem, Candy Cutlery, Mede Cutlery, Vita PRO, Trishula, Attaware and more. It's predicted in trade analyses that the growth of these businesses are expected to rise in coming years based on public awareness and their rate of acceptability as healthy foodstuff. Whether you feel it easy to take a bite of your cups and plates is a matter of time, but these edible cutleries are seriously more advantageous than single-use plastic items for they are biodegradable. Also, they can be used as animal fodder.

Currently, there are healthy additions in this category as included by Kerala based edible cutlery maker Vinayakular Balakrishnan. His wheat bran cutleries, 'Thooshan', produced by Aura Exim and dealt by Vir Naturals Pvt Ltd are confirmed to have rich protein and fibre sources to support human diet. These biodegradable, nutritious products are needed in our country to boost complete ban on Single-Use Plastic by 2022. Also, edible cutleries have opened doors of economy for farmers to sell their discarded farming portions, such as, wheat brans, to the cutlery makers. 

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