Immunisation- a lifeline against Corona

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27 Apr, 21 10:45
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- Simran Agrawal

Immunisation- a lifeline against Corona

Today Covid-19 has become one of the greatest threat worldwide in terms of health and economy. Now the new variant of covid 19 known as Double Mutant Virus has been detected from many parts of the world which is more dangerous and baneful than other variants. More than enough corona cases are emerging every day from almost every region of the world. Tocurb the spread of virus government of different countriesimposed curfews and lockdown for people but today no drug or medicine has the ability to fight this virus so for effective prevention of the virus proper vaccines or drugs wereespecially invented by the scientists. Vaccines made for covid 19 like AstraZeneca, Novavax etc. are very effective, safe and reduces the risks of getting infected as they create anti-bodies and helps in strengthening or boosting up our immune system and prepare it for fighting virus. Vaccines are playing critical role in the battle against covid 19 so they are important for everyone in today’s pandemic situation. Now these vaccines are available across the world. Researchers and scientists from all over the world are collaborating and innovating vaccines and other treatments tosave the life of the people. These vaccines can also provide some protection from the other variants of the virus. According to the Pfizer CEO, Albert Bouria, people likely need the third dose of vaccine within 12 months. According to the research Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are proved 90-95% effective against the virus. There are some myths related to the vaccination like some people believe that vaccination is only for the CoV-2 infected people but actually its compulsory for the people who are not even infected by the virus as it prepares the immune system to fight the virus when exposed. Second myth is that you need not to take any precautions (maintaining social distance, wearing masks and sanitizing hands) to prevent virus after getting vaccinated but the fact is that these vaccines protect you from the serious illness and dyingso you still have the lesser chance to get infected these precautions should be compulsorily continued even after getting vaccination. In India government has started its national vaccination programme against CoV-2 virus for all age groups especially the age group between 18 and older as people belonging to this age group are mostly getting infected. India administrated approximately 12 million vaccine doses across the county according to health officials. India is running the largest vaccination programme that vaccinates millions of people. More than 100 million doses of approved vaccines- Covaxin and Covishield are being provided in country. Government is planning to immunise around 200 million to 250 million of people by this July. Rajasthan conducted first round of covid 19 vaccination on 3rd January 2021 in 7 districts of the state. Jaipur and Udaipur received its first consignment of covid 19 vaccines on 13 January 2021 which includes Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin and Serum Institute of India’s Covishield. On 16 January the first dose of vaccines were given to selected frontline health workers under national vaccination programme, at 16 sites across the Rajathan. According to the state head of WHO rajathan is the best state in terms of preparation for covid 19 immunisation. Public awareness related to vaccination programme is very important as many of the people are taking that for granted. Health care professionals should provide adequate information regarding the vaccines introduced, in terms of its quality, cost etc. People need to understand the importance of getting vaccinated.

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