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26 Apr, 21 10:19
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- Ashok Mathur


Named after late Prof. K.P. Rode, the first Head of Geology College, MLSU who established the Deptt. Of Geology in 1950 the Rode Museum is the oldest such museum in Rajasthan. The other four museums are in Bangur College, Deedwana, MDS University, Dungar College, Bikaner, Maharaja Gangasingh University, J N Vyas University, Jodhpur and Rajasthan University, Jaipur.The Rode Museum has on display 300 kinds of minerals, 200 kinds of rocks, 400 kinds of fossils, 125 kinds of stones and two asteroids. One asteroid fell in the farm of Prabhulal Choudhari of Peepli village in Pali district on 20th June 1996. The second one fell in Dhanalya Ki Bhagal near Nathdwara on 25th December 2012. The special thing is that both of the asteroids are not from our solar system but from some other planet. A large number of fossils in the museum were found in Jaisalmer and Kutcha Gujarat and are crores of years old. The shape of these stones is like sea animals. that were animals at that time. They prove that there was sea there crores of years ago. Due to the structural changes in the earth, the area has now become Thar Desert. In the place called Akal near Jaisalmer have been found fossils that are crores of year old. The stone has layers as there are in a tree. The shape of layers in the trunk of a tree shows that there were several trees on the seashore.Similarly, a fossil here has the shape of the mouth of an elephant. It is believed to be crores of years old. Also on display are fossils from Himachal Pradesh.Wooden pillars that are 2500 year old and that were found in Zawar near Udaipur are also on display. They were used in absence of higher technology in mining of Zinc. No wonder, students of geology and researchers from all over the country visit this unique museum to enhance their knowledge.

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