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Is It Time To Call 'COVID-19' As The Demolisher Of Fake Human Futuristic Pride?

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14 Apr, 21 07:18
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- Arkaprava Das

Is It Time To Call 'COVID-19' As The Demolisher Of Fake Human Futuristic Pride?

For so long now that we're observing an unfortunate fight between our human world and a new unknown pandemic - COVID 19. World Ministries are blaming one another over the doubt on its root cause, putting in force painful strategies to prevent its spread, hastily competing to launch vaccines and then, increasing our risk of suffering from their deadly side effects. In this whole massacre, are we not realizing that we're still very minute to think ourselves as the strongest living beings? Is it this competition that we think to be our weapon of futuristic approach? If that is our vision, its bad part is worldwide COVID-19 death in post vaccination time has already reached above millions (10 lakh). Number of infected people is rising fast in the unit of crores. New and more dangerous coronavirus variants are spreading worldwide that we cannot stop. Latest report has confirmed their symptoms identified in people of Brazil, South Africa and United Kingdom. Since the lockdown is lifted this year, if the transmission is not controlled immediately, we've a possibility of seeing more deaths and infections in coming days. Then, how we can claim on our capability of being advanced and secured? The event of COVID-19 is not an ignorable instance only to be considered as a medical drawback. It indicates towards our failure in building an ideal futuristic human world. It proves that our competition is not supporting our progress. Instead it is leading towards more misery and fatality where we're unsure to ever recover.

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