Lord Shiva: The Symbol of Universal Consciousness

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22 Mar, 21 08:32
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-Lalit Garg

Lord Shiva: The Symbol of Universal Consciousness

Mahashivaratri is celebrated on the Chaturdashiofthe Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month, a religious festival of Hindus,whichis celebratedas the birth anniversary of Mahadev i.e. Shiva, the principal deity of Hinduism. This is the occasion of union with Shiva. On this day, ‘Shivlinga’ emerged at midnight. That is why this auspicious festival is celebrated with gaiety and zeal throughout the country and the world. This festival is thelightrayof culturalandreligious consciousness. This awakens our consciousness, happiness in life and fills the whole world with fellowship, harmony, energy, self-purification and light of inspiration abound. This festival gives inspiration to adopt the best and the most powerful vows, resolutionsandthoughtsoflife. Th e fe s ti v a l o f Mahashivaratri is very important for those who follow the spiritual path. This festival holds great importance forthe people who are householders and also for the ambitious people.Thosewhoarehouseholders among the family celebrate Mahashivratri as a celebration of Shiva's marriage. People surrounded by worldlyambitionsfindthisdayimportantbecauseShivaconquered allhisenemies.Mahashivratri is an opportunity and possibility. It takes you to the experience of that bottomless void hidden within every human being, which is the source of all creation. Lord Shiva is called as ' Aadidev', 'Devo ke Dev as Mahadev'. Of all the gods, he is the supreme, the greatest; he is the destroyer of sorrows. If he is welfare, he is also a destroyer. Shiva is a naïve steward and is the welfare of theworld.Destructionofdilapidatedobjects isnecessary for the welfare of the world. The seeds of creation are hidden in this destruction itself. Therefore, Shiva is also an inspiration for creation and new life as a destroyer. Whenever there was any crisis on the creation, he was at the forefront to solve it. Wheneveranycrisiswasfaced by the gods and demons, they rememberedShivaandShiva protected them. Both the Gods and the demons were engaged in the churning of the sea (Samudra Manthan). Everyone wanted nectar, got nectar, but before that, there was a poison in the sea, whose heat, heat and crisis made everyone distraught and put them in trouble, the poison should destroy the whole creation, the question was who should take this then Mahadev was remembered. Heappearedandtook thispoison and protected it from the crisispresentinfrontoftheuniverse. He kept this poison till the throat and he was called ‘Neelkanth’. Similarly, Lord Shiva cooperated to bring Ganga to earth. Because of how the earth could bear the immensepressureandflowof the Ganges, Shiva incorporated the Ganges in his 'jatas'(hair knots) to solve this problem, and then the flow of Ganga flowed from his jatas with favorable speed. There are many mythologicalstoriesrelatedtothecreation and the sequence of Shiva'seffortstogetridofthem, for which Shiva gave new life to the world using his powers, penanceandmeditation.Shiva meanswelfare,heisShankar, and he is also Rudra. In Shankar, ‘Shan’ means welfareand'kar'meansthemaker. In Rudra, Ru means sorrow and Dra means defeat. In this way, Rudra means one who removes sorrowsordoeswelfare. The third eye is definitely made in the idols of Shiva, the pagoda is not completed without the Nandi idol, the question is whether it is only a matter of faith and worship oritsdeepandcreativemeaning? Shiva's third eye is not a physicaleye;Nandi isalsonot just a bell, these are meaningful structures connected to both life and creation, only by understanding its merits can we be capable characters in thecultivationofShiva.Infact, it is this amazing inspiration and power that inspires us to see life like Shiva. The festival of Shivaratri is also inspiring to remove sorrows and create happiness in the physical and materialistic world.Bholenath is hungry for emotion; anyone can offer his wishes for fulfillment by offering flowers of true devotion, faith and love to him. A scholar-illiterate,richandpoor,who is freefrompretenceandillogicalpride,canworshipandpray to him with his convenience and ability. Shiva resides neither in the wood, nor in the stone,norintheidoloftheclay, norin the grandeur of the temple,theyresideintheBhavas.It is believed that by worshiping and consecrating on this day, the worshiper gets the blessings from all the pilgrimages. The fasters of Shivaratri, after consumingallthebhogas of this folk, go to Shivaloka at the end. Shivaratri should be worshiped in the four hours of the night. Shiva is very fond of bilvapatra, dhatura flowers, and cannabis in Prasad. Milk, yogurt, ghee, sugar, honey - thesefivenectar(Panchamrit) are used to worship in a temp o r a l p o i n t o f v i ew. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is theMahamantraofShivaworship.Shivaratri is the time that freesallthreetypesofanguish, sorrows, pangs, from otherworldly, mental and physical. ThenightofShivaprovidesrest to body, mind and speech. Provides such peace to the body, mind and soul that it is possible to attain the essence of Shiva. The union of Shiva and Shakti is the integration of dynamic energy. In the cosmic world, the common meaning of gender isasignthatidentifiesthemasculine, feminine and impotent gender. The Shiva linga is beyond the cosmic. For this reason there is a gender. It is a soul. Shiva is the destroyer. They are destroyers of sins. Upon reaching Shiva's lap, every person is freed from fear.According to Shiva Purana,atthebeginningofthe creation, Brahma created Shiva in the form of Rudra on thisday.ShivaandHimalayan daughter Parvati were also marriedonthisday.Therefore, it is also the night of complete harmony of Shiva and Shakti. He is the creator of the universe. Those human beings arenotonly thecreatorsoflife, but also the creator and nurturers of the world. He gave a new vision of life to mankind and taught the style of living. Shivaratri is an inspiration against the philanthropic attitude, of restraint, of renunciation, of devotion, of balance. Those in the midst of facilities have the opportunity to think whether they live with the essential needs or demand more than the needs. In this Shiv Bhakti and fasting journey, every person awakens, notego,butinfancy.Notanger, forgiveness is good. There is no distraction of mind in sufferings, patience to endure. This austerity is a process of changeof self.Itisnottheperformance but the inspiration of the spirit's rise. It is not the ambitiontogetmaterialresults, it is the renunciation of all desires. Shiva has lived both materialisticworldandsalvation.He gave new and perfect style to life. Imparted training in the needandutilityofearth,water, fire, air, vegetation in life. Set standards of cultivation with arts, literature, crafts, psychology, science,ecologyand education.Hetaughteveryone the meaning of work, meaning ofreligion and effort of salvation. He is the leader of Indianphilosophyoflife.Today, his entire personality and curiosityhasbecomeanindelible article in the history of creation.Hisentirelifeisasource of inspiration. But we are so naive that we could not understand our Shankar, understanding, knowing and assimilating them can prove to be a self-respecting and selfenhancing experience.All the dimensionsofhumanlifeattain perfection from Shiva. Today, there is dominance of immorality, terror, anarchy andindiscipline.Person, society and nation - everywhere there are cracks, everywhere there is shattering and disintegration. Human vision and life value are not being found. Manhasceasedtobeahuman being, his nature has become demonic. Humanity is moaningandmutilating.Thereason for all this is that we have forgotten the self aspect. Only Mahadev cansaveus inthese difficult situations, because Shiva made repeated and many times undertakings to protect the world.In fact, making your opponents and enemies friendly is true Shiva devotion. Shiva embraces thosewhomthesocietydespises. That is why the untouchable snake as the necklace, deadlypoisoninhis throat,the ghost of the infamous ghostvampire are companions of Shiva. Those whom society neglects, Shankar accept them. The fact that in Shiva's marriage, vampires, demons andnegativeforcesalsocame. In this sense, Shiva is a pure impure holy man. Due to his nature, apart from gods, demons also respect Shiva. Really! We are blessed with his teachings, tolerance, perseverance, determination, patience, self-respect and unbroken spirituality.

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