Value of Real Education

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25 Nov, 20 09:36
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Value of Real Education

Educationisnotonlystudying,doingjob,marrying,bringing up family and taking care of our kids. It is journey from WE AS A KID TO OUR KIDS. But this is not all life and education. The real education is thatwhichprepares youforthe life. It makes you learn, cultivate and develop the healthy values of life. The education must make make you competentenoughtocross theobstacles, hardships and hurdles of life. When we talk of education it is not four walls classroom education but the EDUCATION FOR LIFE. THE REAL EDUCATION IS A JOURNEY FROM CONVERTING THE HUMAN BEINGINTOBEINGHUMAN. Unless the education makes you a good human being it is of no use. The real education notonlyimpartsyouknowledge but the wisdom too. Only wisdom takes you ahead in life. Ifyounavigatesmoothlyinyour life then only you seem to be really educated. Real education develops life skills. One must be able to manage the life efficiently and effectively. It does not mean that therewill neverbeanyproblemsbutone will come out safely out of that if wisdom applied. We cannot change the roadsoflifewhichmaybehard, rough and tough but there are very few people who have the skills to cross such roads too by their intellect. One can explore new paths of life. One can walk on less traveled and untraveled roads too.The real educationisholisticonewhich not only develops and takes care of your body but mind, heart and soul too. The real education must lead to one’s wellness, well-being and welfare (WWW). It must lead to eminence,expertiseandexcellence (EEE). It must lead to developmentofInventive,innovative and intuitive (III) skills. The real education must lead to TOTAL health, happiness, peace and contentment in life. It must lead to your spiritual advancement. MATERIAL SUCCESS IS NO GUARANTEE TO PEACE & HAPPINESS.As somepeoplemay attainsuccessbymaterialeducation. Whether they will pass / qualify theexaminationoflife? Realeducationwilldevelopthe values and traits of goodness and niceness, compassion & love. One must have a balanced, aligned, harmonious, inclusive, secular approach to life in the truest spirit. At the core of this issue is howeducationisbeingdefined andappliedinregardtobehavioral change. The terms educationandknowledgeareoften thought of interchangeably. However, education is a comprehensive term that can be defined as “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction”oras “anenlightening experience,” whereas knowledgeisdefinedas “facts, information,andskillsacquired by a person through experie n c e o r e d u c a ti o n .” 5 Knowledge is the desired outcomeofeducation.As thedefinitionsuggests,therearemultiple types of knowledge: general knowledge or information, knowledge that increases personal awareness and knowledge that increases skills. For education to increase awareness, it must provide an individual with a better understanding of the personal relevance of the information. Providing general knowledge willnotdothat.Educatingindividuals on the definition and consequencesofobesity isnot likely to lead to behavior change. Behavior change is more likely if education increases individuals’ awareness that they suffer from obesity and are personally experiencing consequences of obesity. Tailored education is necessary to increase awareness becausetailoringensures that the information is relevant to the individual. Tailored education is also more likely to includeexplanationonwhy the informationispertinent specifically to the individual. Education is one of the most critical determinants of success for both individuals and society. Individuals who arehighlyeducatedearnmore, arehealthier,andaremorelikely to contribute to civic organizations,whereas individuals with lower amounts of education are more likely to commit crimes, sufferunemployment, default on loans, and be incarcerated.As such, education is associated with economic growth and progress and is considered one of the main sources of prosperity for both individuals and nations.

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