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25 Nov, 20 09:20
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- Ashok Mathur


A quiet open spot at the foot of a green hill close to the famous Gulab Bagh, Doodh Talai and Lake Pichchola, on way toCityPalaceandJagdishTemple,is theTibetanMarket in Samore Bagh. Warmed by soft sunlight during the day and canopied by bright stars shimmering in clear blue sky at night, is a place which invites Udaipurites to come and dress themselves properly for the coming winter. Going round the rectangulor arena with over fifty stalls each put up by one family, we meet Tibetans who come from different cities inIndialikeDehradun,ShimlaandMacleodganj and we also learn that the largest number of them are from Shimla followed by Dehradun. UdaipurPlus runs intoTashi,aged38andhiswifeKalsang, 32, who met here and later on got married at Dehradun. Tashi studied at C.S.T. School, Mussorie upto class ten. He runs a family shop with his parents. Father of Tsering (13) and Choyang (10), he tells us that inspite of the fact that the price of woollen garments has gone up by Rs.20-30 per piece, good sale is expected this year as increasing income makes people splurge. Another reason for the rise in sale, Tashi feels, is that after good monsoon, there is likehood of a harsh winter season. The young couple who loves to eat 'dal bati' occasionally in a local hotel, tells us that the jackets they sell are made of imported fabric like Memory, PMP and Bonded by Delhi trailors and the designs are decided in discussions with 'lalas' who supply clothes at wholesale rates. A small amount is paid in advance whereas accounts are settled at the end of each season. We are told by Kalsang that in their shop they are helped by Sanjai who comes every year from Begun Sarai in Bihar. Some other s tal l s have boys and girls from places likeDarjeeling to assist them in sale. Tashi tells us that some young men among them are very enthusiastic football players and they enjoys the game at Maharana Bhupal ground from 6.00 to 7.30 every morning. We move on to the stall of Dehradun resident Dekyi Chomzom, who has been coming to Udaipur for over 25 years. Her sales person for about 16 years is Mahendra Singh from Rishikesh area. Deyki tells us that 'lalas' show herthedesignsandcolouroftheclothesandthensheselects them according to her needs. Designs and colour combinations change every year. She feels that the choice of Udaipurites is very simple. They like decent designs and mostly soft colours unlike Gujaratis who prefer gaudy ones. Thisalsoapplies tojackets forgentsandcardigans forladies. They do not like too many pockets either. While buying in the wholesale market, Dekyi also keeps the choice of Gujarati tourists in mind. During Diwali season big groups of Gujaratis throng to NathdwaraforSrinathji'sdarshanandontheirway they come to this market in large numbers to shop in a big way. These shops also attract foreign tourists who buy mostly shawls, light jackets and cardigans. AsweleaveDekyi's stall, shetellsus that shelikesUdaipur very much as it is a peaceful place and the people are so nice. For all this, she expresses her gratitude. She is all praise for her landlord in Raoji Ka Hata. Udaipur Plus meets some customers also. Middle aged AshaKunwar seems tobepleasedwiththebeautifuldesigns. She likes the fixed rate formula as it saves a lot of time and bother and nobody feels cheated at the end as was the case earlier. Shopping with her sister and father, young Himani who is doing her B.Com. at Indore, tells us that she prefers to visit this market as soon as it is set up for the simple reason that the whole range is available whereas later on the choice gets limited. In a cosy office with a big portrait of benign Dalai Lama, we meet the newly elected headmen. Jhumpa and Palden who seem to be busy setting up a water filter for the convenience of the customers. The Tibetan community celebrates December 10, the day on which Dalai Lama was honoured with Nobel Prize for peace in a big way. It holds two whole night sessions praying-continuously for peace. Some of the Tibetans here will be going to Buddha Gaya towards the end of December for the special puja for world peace in the presence of Dalai Lama. Jhumpa tells us that they have never had any problem in Udaipur. The customers here treat them very nicely and they in turn try to be courteous to the buyers. With their distinctive facial features, traditional attires and attractiveornaments theTibetanfolks createanotherworldly, fascinating environment that charms Udaipurites.

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