Tourism - A Contributing Factor in People's Happiness

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02 Oct, 20 08:39
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 - Lalit Garg

Tourism - A Contributing Factor in People's Happiness

The corona epidemic has changed the meaning of life. In the time of this great outbreak, every person is surrounded by some or other problem, in this era of fear and life; it seems as if happiness and smile is lost somewhere. Despite all this, every person must spend some time in their life in which the moment of happiness, peace can come alive, and one of the strong mediums to achieve it is tourism. Whenever the Cure for Corona is made public, one must embark on tourism to embrace happiness again. Due to the importance of tourism in life, World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on 27 September.
Tourism will not only help in bringing back the moments of happiness in our life but it will also become a medium of important role in social, cultural, political and economic development of any country. In the time of Corona, when the entire economy has fallen into disarray, the first need of every country is to strengthen the economy in which tourism will play an important role. Because the economy of many countries has revolved around the tourism industry. European countries, coastal African countries, East Asian countries, Canada, Australia and India etc. are the countries where the income from the tourism industry gives a major boost to its economy.
Considering the importance of tourism and popularity of tourism, the United Nations decided to celebrate World Tourism Day in 1980 on 27 September. The day of September 27 was chosen for World Tourism Day because the Constitution of the World Tourism Organization was adopted on this day in 1970. Tourism Day is seen as a milestone in the effort to promote global tourism and the purpose of celebrating this day is to spread the world and spread awareness about how tourism is global, social, and cultural. It can help increase political and economic values and mutual understanding. Tourism has special significance for countries like India. The country's archaeological heritage or cultural heritage is not only in its philosophical, religious, cultural site but it is also a source of revenue. Many people's livelihood is also associated with Tourist Spots. Today, looking at countries like India, old and historic buildings are being preserved and improved in almost all the countries of the world.
India is a country of innumerable tourist experiences and exotic destinations. Whether it is grand monuments, ancient temples or mausoleums, river-springs, natural panoramic sites, its bright colors and rich cultural heritage have an unbroken connection to its current technology. Places like Kerala, Shimla, Goa, Jaipur, Jodhpur in Rajasthan, Gwalior, Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, Mathura, and Kashi are always in the news for their foreign tourists. Millions of foreigners visit India every year along with their people. India has suitable tourism potential. There are beautiful places for all types of tourists, whether they are on an adventure trip, cultural journey or they have come for pilgrimage or to visit beautiful beaches.
India is famous all over the world for its beauty. People of different sects-religions and castes live together in India. India is one of the major tourist countries of the world due to its rich cultural, historical, natural heritage. Every state here has supernatural and unique characteristics that attract tourists. India travel is a special attraction for those tourists who seek calm, magical, beauty and adventure. For these tourists, rich travel literature has been presented in India with a special identity and usefulness. So far in terms of hindi adaptations of travel literature, Rahul Sankrityayan's ' Meri Tibbat Yatra', Dr. Bhagwati Sharan Upadhyay's 'Sagar ki lehron Par', Kapoor Chand Kulish's ’Mein Dekhta Chala Gaya', and Nehru's 'Ankho dekha Russia', Rameshwar Tantia's 'Memoirs of World Travel', Acharya Tulsi's travel literature and my friend Mr. Pukhraj Sethia's 'Aao Ghoome Apna Desh' is a touching and interesting travelogue. These texts contain all the qualities of the travel circle such as factuality, geographical, interestingness, plausibility and spontaneity. Due to these texts, these diversities of the country have attracted many traveler people of the country and the world. The goal of the lives of these traveling men has been to find the meaning of life among the major tourist destinations, away from the hustle and bustle of life. The search for this truth has made him visit such historical, natural, cultural and spiritual places. The effective and lively depiction of the facts felt during these journeys is done in these travel books, which presents important material and fundamental facts to tourists in many respects. These travel scriptures not only describe the major sightseeing places, but also describe live presentations of the people, the food there, the lifestyle, the cultural values, the historical facts.
Today's India is transformed, everlasting, multi-faceted and full of miraculous reality. It is truly a supernatural and unique experience to be interviewed with the overall variations, innovations and contradictions of this India. So that this polymorphic India can be seen in its multi-faceted and revealing beauty hidden in the layers of bumpy roughness. We experience India like a vase, a vase in which different types of flowers are decorated. There is redness of Kashmir in some flowers and magic of goodness in some. Some flowers are cherished in the buds of Punjab; others are buds of the dusky modulations in Tamil Nadu. Some have stories of the sacrifice of Rajasthan and in some, the righteousness of Uttar Pradesh. In Maharashtra, Gujarat, West Bengal and other regions, cultural unity is seen in diversity. Similarly, the unique information about the ancient manuscripts stored in Jaisalmer, apart from tourism, the experience of architecture and Jain sightseeing is also unique.There has been a wide scope and status of tourism in India since ancient times, but there came a time when the tourist places of India started to appear in danger and it seemed that maybe India will no longer be the first choice of tourists in the name of tourist destination. Due to the economic recession and terrorism in the world, it seemed that tourists would no longer like to go to India, but it did not happen. The cultural and natural beauty of India is so much that tourists could not stay away from seeing the beautiful views here for a long time. This is the reason why different schemes have also been implemented in different cities to attract foreign tourists to India. The Indian Tourism Department launched a campaign called 'Incredible India'. The objective of this campaign was to encourage Indian tourism on a global platform which was largely successful. Similarly, Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation gave the people a chance to enjoy tourism through the royal train ride named ‘Palace on Wheels’. If the opening of the country to foreign tourists is done by the right and accurate marketing, then direct linkage of the tourist places with the airports has played an important role in the development of the tourism sector. Today tourists can easily travel to remote places. People are eager to know about the outside world even within the confined distances. This is why tourism has become a thriving industry in the world today. After getting rid of the Corona epidemic, this industry will become a medium of prosperity in life and will prove to be a powerful medium to bring the economy back on track. 

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