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Change begins with an action and not merely by words

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26 Jun, 20 10:28
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Change begins with an action and not merely by words

“Whatever changes you would like to effect in our society has to begin with you.” – Mahtama Gandhi

Who we are now is not who we were last year, last week, yesterday or even a minute ago. Life never stands still, no matter what we do. Change is the very nature of existence--our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, even our relationships are as changeable as rain and sunshine, or night and day. But, as much as change is inevitable, it is not always welcome or easy to deal with. It can upset our world and generate many conflicting feelings.
However, it is in those very moments when everything looks hopeless that we have a real chance to grow into something better: what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, we call a butterfly!
As thoughts come and go, as we watch emotions rise and fall like waves, as physical, emotional or mental pain is felt and then gone, we see how this coming and going applies to everything, even our breath. This sense of rhythm informs us that, if we wait long enough, even the darkest of times will also pass.
Mahatma Gandhi famously said, "You must be the change you want to see in the world." In other words, although life changes are inevitable, we can also initiate personal change so we can rise to the challenge and become a bigger and better person as a result. 
How do we do this? We believe the best ways are to recognize that change is inevitable, that there is always the potential for positive change in every moment and to stay grounded and in touch with our peace.
I want people to start trusting that the steps will appear in front of them as we forge a path onto a new, undiscovered route rather than retreat to the well-trodden highways because they are familiar even though we already know they lead the wrong way.
I want to see people loving themselves deeply enough to love others meaningfully and with clear eyes.
I want people to choose life over death, every time, without hesitation, and I want them to always seek their solutions in life and healing and harmony and reject the solutions offered by death, destruction, manipulation, sabotage and chaos.
I try to tell the truth even when my tribe is yelling at me to shut up, but I try to have the wisdom to only do that when it benefits everyone and not just to seek drama or attention.
Let your every moment be an example of what you teach and counsel. Let your every action be a reflection of your beliefs. Let your every word be reflective of your own thoughts.
The best leaders the world has ever known are the reformers who were accountable and responsible for their own change.
To sum up my words 
here I go:-
It takes nothing,
To be nice and kind,
It’s a matter of words,
So you give someone 
a smile.
It costs nothing,
To be a help to someone,
It’s a matter of heart,
Be a light in someone life.
It takes nothing,
To be generous and fine,
It’s a matter of humanity,
To you it will bring a 
blessing twice.
-Dr. Mehzbeen  Sadriwala

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