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Days in Pinnacolis

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24 Jun, 20 09:21
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Arkaprava Das

Days in Pinnacolis

Coltis woke up sensing tremors in his act corpuscles. Raise Slot had begun and he had to complete rods of tasks. The slot stopped giving alert tremors feeling his active pulsations. Coltis twitched up and proceeded towards the food chamber. Shutters opened one by one as he moved ahead swooshing his tentacles and let the rays come inside illuminating the corridor in the brightness of silver rosethe daytime colour that Coltis wished. He was too occupied to remove the panel shields and see outside. He met Dacil, his wish child who was about to fragment for Diagona the Boosting Hub.
“Puff up for your slot, Dacil!” Coltis conveyed to Dacil. Pinnacolians communicate through soundless senses. Dacil nodded and fragmented into minute grains and jetted out towards the Guiding Pocket of Diagona the destination of his current slot. 
“He's working well in Reconstruction of Defined and Undefined Pasts,” A feeble happy sense formed in his mind pot that Coltis instantly pulled for replenishment. 
“No. You cannot come...Go Away...I never called you. I have to push it out and block its way or it'll scratch me. It'll scratch us all and we'll just watch it happen. But, I don't know it...and it is coming again,” The Good Fills never lasted long and again he felt those Harming Strokes. Coltis conveyed an urgent Urge Message to Solver seeking his help.
“We're to protect Pinnacolis. I don't know but I'm to cleanse out the scratches of Terribles and Horribles. They are coming back but no one is calling them. How? I'm Doubting myself and I cannot tame it still! Solver is not conveying any updates about that tool. Why? But, I'm Doubting Solver. No...I cannot do that. He's a Pinnacolian. He'll release himself if he cannot build it,” Coltis projected his feeding corpuscles to pull out extracts from the pores of the food chamber and firmed up his impulses. He was fixing his Good Fills to Pin Level. The strange Helplessness stroked his sensing corpuscles again. Coltis tamed it now.
“Let it turn slots, let it go by wheels. I'll cleanse all scratches,” Coltis finished pulling out extracts and was about to begin his Task Slot.
Pinnacolisa planetary system of the open space, living place of many Pinnacolians, is getting over the disasters of Strange Daysthe slots of Harming Strokes. Some badly devastated planets are evacuated for reconstruction. Number of Pinnacolians are relocated to colonies in other planets, once built for Joy Slots, now needed as shelters. Mind pots of Pinnacolians do not know negatives. They are made with Good Fillshappy senses. They wish produce and they can release themselves in the air if they need a regeneration or upgrade. They are explorers. They cannot think of pulling anything to bring danger in Pinnacolis. But, it has come somehow. 
“Yet to finish umpteen rods,” Coltis checked the number in his Task Ahead Slot. 
They all love to work. They now know, they need to work.
“I have to finish them in Round Raise Slots,” Coltis added a note as he cleansed mind pots free from Terribles and Horribles. He has to pass them to Sorter, who will replenish them with Good Fills. Solver has taken the Protection Pocket to knot together nested messages from PinnacoliansProtect my pot, Block the Harming Strokes and many others. In his first notification, he made it mandatory to deposit all Harming Strokes in his Hives of Senses. Next, he notified everyone about a guarding tool that he is building. Slots of his Protection Pocket are turning round telling nothing more about that tool. They are giving updates on his knotting process.
Those Strange Days are passed now when Pinnacolians faced fearful shocks of watching several other Pinnacolians to release themselves, for, they never knew or tame the new senses that stroked and jammed their mind pots. Their grains are mixed in the air all around. Maker is pulling them back to fill the Silo of Regeneration. Workers of best impulses are taken for disinfection, restoration, regeneration and many other tasks putting their Good Fills to Pin Level. Slots are arranged in Wheel Mode.
A Sense Message touched the receiving knob in the mind pot of Coltis. It was a message from Ulka. He accepted the message.
“Are you finding any fresh Harming Strokes?” 
“Yes, I am,” Coltis conveyed immediately.
“I'm constantly passing all that I gather putting my Pin Impulse to Solver as given in my slot. But, Ulka, we are to know everything. We still don't know what happened to us in Strange Days. I can still feel the tremors of Harming Strokes and am Scared. Pinnacolians never released themselves like this before. I cannot say what I did when those strange senses stroked my mind pot and I cannot stand even now when I think how I felt? But why it all happened and not stopping yet? Have you thought it?” Coltis linked the Seek Message with the first one.
“Yes, I have. My mind pot is once cleansed. Still there are traces left of Horribles that I saw. I watched Heiti when she released herself sensing Fear of Being Small and Weak. I could not help her and her mind was jammed.  She could not receive the Fills that I conveyed her. She Doubted everything. She was able to term that stroke but could never define it. She could not bear its tremor and I watched her disseminating to pieces.  I do not know what happened. I think it blocked her from thinking that we all are good. I felt so Weak and I could not convey anything. There are so many strange Harming Strokes that we cannot tame. We need Till Slots to know what they are,” Ulka's Want Message reached Coltis.
A load was growing in his mind pot making him frail, as he read Ulka's senses. Coltis looked up and saw closed panel shields around him. He projected his tentacles to open the shields. Outer environment unwrapped and raised his Good Fills. It was the same old Pinnacolis that every Pinnacolians love to see. It was stormy outside, rocks crushing the panel of his den and repelling out. Across the dusts, he saw distant planets of Pinnacolis, jets of Pinnacolians moving to their destinations and the open surrounding spacedark, fixed and so grabbing. He wished to fragment and move out to explore. He resisted his impulses. He had his slots to complete.
“Pinnacolians love to welcome everything, Ulka. And we don't know how to Doubt, do we? This became our mistake. Cheer up and look at the space outside. We'll again explore it,” Message of Coltis had a Push of Importance that got an Agree Node from Ulka's senses. 
Birth time of Pinnacolis is unknown. When Pinnacolis brought Pinnacoliansmany and different from one another, they stepped on it and sensed it as their home with no doubt. Pinnacolis provided Pinnacolians enough space to shape up what they wished. On the land of Pinnacolis, Pinnacolians built their colonies, constructed absorption, emission and guiding pockets, boosting hubs and many other things. Pinnacolians are creatures with Wish Power. They convey through senses and can conserve them in Sense Hives to upgrade and wish produce other Pinnacolians. With passing days in Pinnacolis, Pinnacolians produced many other Pinnacolians responding their unified senses. They have their Solver, who maintains their Hives of Senses; Sorter for pouring Good Fills in Pinnacolians; Maker, to keep the Silo of Regeneration. They three look after the procedures of Pinnacolis.
Open space all around always make them fascinated to explore. Through this wish, they have produced wanderers in Pinnacolis. These wanderers do not need any guiding pockets to move from one place to another. Rather they fragment and jet out in the form of minute grains in the darkness of vast space. They bring back new senses that they collect during their exploration and store in Sense Hives. Never sensing any doubt, Solver, Sorter and Maker emit these fresh senses for Pinnacolians to pull and use. Rather, they feel an amusing curiosity to know what can happen out of them. Lots of fresh Good Fills were formed through this practice. Pinnacolis has remained a mute witness of these accounts. And for wanderers of Pinnacolis, they are even more exulted to move out in search of something that is unknown and fresh. 
How Pinnacolis can stop Pinnacolians, who do not know danger. Danger, fear, suspicion, helplessness.....and so many other terms are there in this space that Pinnacolians never know. Solver, Sorter and Maker never needed to scrutinise anything before. Pinnacolis never faced any troubles. There is only happiness that Pinnacolians know and Pinnacolis has supported it always. May be that is the natural cause of disaster that befell in an inevitable way on Pinnacolis. Although love for existence won at last, but unwanted recollections of Horribles and Terribles are still coming to trouble Pinnacolians. Of course, they will cleanse them since Pinnacolians are chasers and they cannot stop until they obtain what they wish. This past will be stored in Frictionthe Repository of Gone Events along with every other significant past incidents that Pinnacolians keep to make use in needed situations. It is mandatory in Pinnacolis.
So.....let's peep inside to look what is it that has passed. 
It is always an event in Pinnacolis when wanderers return and pour fresh senses in Sense Hives. Solver, Sorter and Maker love to emit them and Pinnacolians long to pull them from the air. So, once, curious Maker conveyed a Notifying Sense Message seeking to produce a Pinnacolian out of a completely fresh new sense just brought and filled in the Hives of Senses.  The sense was not yet emitted in the air of Pinnacolis. Its absolute distinction made Maker utmost intrigued to try it once before emitting in the land just to know its effect. No Pinnacolian disagreed since wish of production was never obstructed in Pinnacolis. Maker was allowed and every one willingly accepted to know its outcome. Overwhelmed to welcome the new, Maker started the process. He accumulated necessary grains from the Silo of Regeneration, formed the mind pot and physique. Finally, Maker placed the fresh unknown sense along with others and conveyed the Birth Message inside the Pinnacolianto born.
Pinnacolians never had the slightest thought that anything that was new might not always bring happiness. Maker made no mistake in his production and it produced a creaturea new Pinnacolian. Maker kept on gazing the creature as it became live. It was not possible for Maker to describe what exactly he saw. Whether it was pretty or grotesque, Maker could not find any explanation of the thing that structured up in front of him. Pinnacolians never described Pinnacolians. They always welcomed their production and let them go with the command of their senses. So, Maker also welcomed this Pinnacolian. The Pinnacolian coiled back. It refused to receive the welcome making Maker completely puzzled. Every other Pinnacolian who was observing got puzzled too with such a response.
A shrieking sound produced from that Pinnacolian which, Maker allowed to enter through his receiving knob. It was translated via his senses. For a moment, Maker could not respond as he never found any answer.
“Why you brought me here?” The sound translated like that in Maker's senses.
“Who are you....Why are you looking at me like that?” Maker went on receiving the shrieks made by the Pinnacolian he produced.
“I'm Maker of Pinnacolis. I have produced you with a sense I wanted to know. I'm looking at you as you are so new in Pinnacolis. No other Pinnacolian is like you. I am happy,” A slow and feeble Cause Message was conveyed by Maker in answer.
“I'm not liking this....Why are you not talking....Why are you sending me senses....I'm not liking this place either....,” The shriek of the new creature became louder.
Strange senses were stroking the mind pot of Maker. He started feeling weak. He started feeling anxious. But, Maker could not notify anything since these senses were unknown to him. Still he wanted to love the Pinnacolian he just wish produced. With an extreme effort, he reverted back.
“I love you and I wish to call you Neon! Will you like to meet other Pinnacolians? They are waiting to meet you,” 
“Let me go out of this place or I'm going to break it....,” The creature shrieked back.
It whirled up and began to strike the roof of Maker's den. It started hitting the panels as hard as it could. Then it halted and saw outside. It saw the heavy storm. The creature pushed itself forward and went out. The creature stepped on the land of Pinnacolis and faced the weather. It saw the space all around. It saw the ground that was sliding and bulging in and out time and again. Storm particles were hitting its body. The creature twisted, fragmented, swayed and started making every possible effort to escape the weather but could not. It wrapped its hair to shield itself and got tangled. The creature was getting furious. It rolled around and found Maker watching it.
“Stop this storm!” The creature roared.
“We love storms,” Maker replied.
“We play with it,” He continued.
The creature stood up and moved in front of Maker. It looked at him straight. It tickled its hair all over Maker.
“Show me how to love!” It groaned.
“I've put that sense in your mind pot. Call it and it will touch you,” It was becoming difficult for Maker to explain all these simple things to that creature. 
“It is not touching my mind pot as I see this place....Instead....I wish to stop this storm!” The creature groaned again.
“Go ahead and do it,” Maker supported the wish as wishes were always supported in Pinnacolis.
The creature kept on looking at Maker. 
“Will you accept if I stop this storm?” The creature stood firm in front of Maker.
“Every wish brings good in Pinnacolis. I wish to see what it comes through what you wished,” Maker sent a Notifying Message to other Pinnacolians to let the wish known. He started receiving responses from others. The responses were strangely jumbled. Maker could not define the sense of doubt that scratched him. He was not able to find clarity in the responses that he received from other Pinnacolians. He stood helpless. 
On the other side, Maker found the creature in front of him making transformations that he never saw before. He found it screaming and flinching. Maker could not stand it. He felt a hardening sensation in his mind pot that he could not bear. It was pain and Maker could not realise it. 
“I wish to love this storm.....And it is you who will show me how to do this....,” Screamed the creature.
Maker felt an urgent need of upgrade. He felt something strange inside him that he wished to define. He released himself bearing a sense to know what was there that he could not explain. His Release Sense touched every Pinnacolian. And the creature saw Maker disseminating part by part and mixing in grounds and air of Pinnacolis. Its whole body swelled up and whirled around the scattering grains of Maker. The creature started gulping the grains. It pulled Maker's senses from the air. The ground of Pinnacolis saw it happening for the first time. No one ever captured wishful senses without notification. No one gulped released grains out of sheer desperation. And no one sensed that it was just the beginning. 
Pinnacolians started gathering round the creature who was still fuming with agony.
“Release Maker's senses immediately....You never asked for it....,” Solver sent a Mandatory Notification to the creature. 
“I wont.....I wish to bear his senses.....,” The creature groaned back.
“What for? You need to mention your wish before pulling any sense. We follow this procedure in Pinnacolis. You've to accept our procedures,” Solver reverted.
“I wish to love the storm that you all love and play with in Pinnacolis!” The creature's body was pounding as it screamed back.
“That's very good, Sorter will be taking care of that.. You release Maker's senses since his wishes are different from yours. As you're a Pinnacolian, you should allow Maker's wish to be fulfilled,” Solver sent an Urge Message.
“I'm not liking what I am.....I wish to be like Maker.....I love to bear him in me....,” The creature swelled itself.
Pinnacolians were receiving the open communication. They were seeing the clear unusuality of the newly produced creature. They all felt a need of conveying their Nested Good Fills to it to stop its peculiar transformations. Readily, they all started sending cheering senses to it. Their Nested Messages carried various boosting Fills that Pinnacolians willingly conveyed to make the creature happy.
The creature swelled up and grew in size in return. There was nothing that was able to stop its agony and Pinnacolians watched it happen. Something bad was happening in the land and Pinnacolians could not understand what it was. Their senses were getting jammed with the great confusion that they never came across before. Inside them, they felt that Pinnacolis was becoming smaller than the most minute particle present in its air. It was becoming unbearable for them to feel their lovely land to reduce in such a way.
“I'm not ready to release anything,” The creature roared as it started whirling again. It expanded itself and started covering the air of Pinnacolis as far as any Pinnacolian could see. Pinnacolians became scared. And they were not able to define their horror. They fragmented and went under the ground to their dens and shielded the panels that allowed view of outside. Everything was so startling and new that no one wished to count the loads of strange senses that stroked and scratched their mind pots. Deep inside the ground, in their own dens they tried to realise the chain of events happened on that day. Their slots kept storing their pending tasks since no one responded tremor calls. Just as they received an Immediate Circulation from Solver to put their mind pots for cleansing, Pinnacolians sensed something even more stronger shaking their receiving knob. Not realising what it was they accepted that sense and it gave an Attention Alert.
Pinnacolians became even more confused. They were receiving Attention Alerts from every pocket. Pinnacolians became puzzled. They came out and found number of creatures resembling what produced by Maker coiling around on the ground. The creature had wish produced without making notification. The creature was not following the procedures of Pinnacolis. It blocked its receiving knob and was not accepting messages from any other Pinnacolians. 
“It is not receiving any of our messages. How will we make it accept that it is a Pinnacolian, one of us? How we are going to stop it from repulsing?” The common urge was communicated to every Pinnacolian and no answer came back. They wanted to be happy but all their Good Fills were numbed without their knowledge and none of them could call them back despite giving fullest efforts. Instead, they were possessed by doubt, fear, anxiety and helplessness that they never knew how to come out off. 
“Let it grow. Let us start our own slots. I'll try to pour Good Fills in it so that it accepts us, our procedures and our land,” Sorter made the circulation.
So, Pinnacolians agreed and went to begin their respective tasks. In the first place, Solver circulated a notification seeking for a Pinnacolian to take up the place of Maker. So, days went by with Neons, the name that Pinnacolians used to mention the new creatures as spelled first by Maker, making their wishful conducts differing entirely with what Pinnacolians followed and Pinnacolians not raising a single objection. They were actually separated from one another. Pinnacolians never wished to stop Neons nor they knew what Neons thought about them. And Pinnacolis silently went on observing the two different groups formed on its ground. Pinnacolis never stopped any of them.
Neons were everywhere on Pinnacolis, on grounds, in hubs and in air too. Pinnacolians carried on their tasks and Neons always watched them saying absolutely nothing. Happy Pinnacolians never assumed that their procedures could bring such a misery. Problems arose promptly. In front of watchful Neons, Pinnacolians built things and left. The other moment they found things broken or transformed. Pinnacolians found Neons breaking things, remaking and crushing them again and again. No one knew why. No one said or asked why. There was no communication between Pinnacolians and Neons. One day, Ratio became too curious. She saw her thing broken instantly as she built it. She saw Neons making different things out of the pieces and crushing and remaking. Neons were screaming and fuming with unknown excitement. She could not stop herself. She moved ahead and conveyed her complements to Neons for the things they made but her message was blocked. Neons never accepted her complements. Neons were not willing to say anything to Ratio. Ratio stood in silence. She never found anything to say any more. She became upset and she could not tame its trembling. She released herself. She let herself mix in the air of Pinnacolis and Neons watched that. 
The matter remained not so normal any more for Pinnacolians. Now, they were becoming conscious on the Harming Strokes that were scratching their mind pots. They were not willing to allow them hover but they found no escape. They were getting tired watching the Breaking Game played by Neons. They were becoming more and more doubtful as they found themselves always watched, their things strangely missing and their dens disturbed. Above all, they were panicked with a fresh Harming Stroke that often squeezed their Good Fillstheir fury. Air of Pinnacolis was changing too. No dust flakes were sprinkled anymore in joyful zeal. Pinnacolians stopped fragmenting and twirling in the air. No jigsaws were on the ground to express any new thought. Communications were also getting lost. Pinnacolians needed their space but they stopped looking for it. 
One night, as Solver found a Neon slipped inside the Hive sucking out senses from the pores and pouring something that was not known, he did what no Pinnacolian ever did before. His fury tore all bounds and he never resisted his violence. Putting his extreme impulse, he dragged that Neon by its hair and threw it away in the air. He saw that Neon's body shooting out, tangling in the air and breaking apart. He never knew how it broke. In fact, Solver felt a momentary relief and the next moment he sensed mass wails fast growing in sound. He circulated Alert Message to Pinnacolians and saw Neons approaching him. He stood still and Neons gathered around him. They were tickling Solver with their hairs without saying anything. Pinnacolians were coming out one by one from their dens. They were silent.
“You know how to break us?” Asked a voice from Neons.
“No. And I never wish to break any of you. I wanted to stop that Neon from spoiling the Hives of Senses,” conveyed Solver.
“We're not spoiling Sense Hives....We put whatever we find....,” Said a Neon.
“None of you convey anything to us. I maintain the Hives of Senses. It is for every Pinnacolian. I would have accepted the fresh senses that you got if you had conveyed us a notification. It is a result of some strange sense inside you that you're not following anything that we follow. Pinnacolians are upset for whatever you're doing. You never come to us. You never talk to us or listen us. Why?” Solver conveyed a Seek Message nesting the senses of Pinnacolians that he received.
“We don't know.....We enjoy with it....,” Replied Neons.
“Pinnacolians are joy filled too. But you are not like us. Don't you like our ways?” Solver, like every other Pinnacolian, wished to put an end to this silly dispute.
“We don't know....And we don't want to explain ourselves.....,” Roared Neons.

There was nothing to explain in differences. No one showed any willingness to hear any more explanations. There was silence. Pinnacolis became silent too all of a sudden. Storm stopped. Quake ceased. It appeared as if Pinnacolis had broken loose from the surrounding space. Pinnacolians looked around themselves and found a calm Pinnacolis everywhere. And the Neons roared even louder. They kept roaring and whirled up in space. They collided with one another and broke apart in uncountable pieces. Pinnacolians saw the pieces flying away in space. Pinnacolis quaked again after some time and storm started a few moments later. Pinnacolians never found any Neons. They were lost somewhere in the vast space.
“No need to worry anymore....” Notification from Solver reached to Pinnacolians at last. The Message said, “Whatever scratched our mind pots during the days that are gone can be effaced with our Good Fills and all others that our wanderers are going to collect in their future explorations. I've built a sieve to gather strange senses inside any Harming Stroke. Using the sieve, I've found the sense that produced all Neons in our landSelf-dislike, that I cannot define. It is a useless sense and in this vast space there can be many such useless senses that we do not need. From now on, no sense will be emitted unchecked. I've gathered the Horribles and Terribles that stroked in our mind pots. They are unwanted in Pinnacolis and so I'm not storing them in our Hives of Senses. Instead, our Boosters can spread them as food dust. I've checked their strong impulses and they can be extracted as replenishment.”

Like that, land of Pinnacolis saw Pinnacolians to live in it - happily once again.

The fictional story narrates the dark past days of Pinnacolis, a planetary system located somewhere in the universe that left its innocent people victims of several hard feelings completely unknown to them. It is the merciful environment that helped them at last to escape the disaster and live happily again.

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