Delhi Assembly Election Results Mean A Lot

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18 Feb, 20 10:47
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Delhi Assembly Election Results Mean A Lot

The results of assembly elections in Delhi have a number of lessons to teach. The politics of hatred has been defeated by the politicsofsocialtransformation.Thepolitics of hollow words have been defeated by the politics of concrete action. The biggest political party of the world with full corporate support was defeated by a very small political party that has yet to see its presence in states other than Delhi and Punjab. The BJP had put in all its efforts and mobilized all its strength to defeat the Aam Admi Party, but it lost tremendously. The victory ofAAP was hailed by all the oppositionparties,includingCongresswhich could not win any seat. Many of the leaders of Congress were heard saying that the Party did not try much because it wanted to avoid division of votes.Thus theAAPgotmorethan54% votes and Congress was reduced to less than six percent votes. However, the BJP raised its vote share by nearly 8% and got nearly 40% votes though these votes could not be converted into seats. AAP government came to power a third time with a resounding majority of sixty-two seats out of seventy, which amounts tonearlyninetypercentoftotal seats.This isuniqueandhasneverhappened in the history of Indian democracy. Much of the credit goes to the reforms done in the field of education, health,electricity,andwater supply.The free bus services for women in Delhi, the appointment of Marshals in buses, and one crore rupees to the kin of the martyrs also added to the popularity of theKejriwalgovernment.MohallaClinics made an impact not only in Delhi but also aroused the curiosity of people in the best. The CAG report says that the Delhi government is the only one that is in profit. Despite the freebies offered by thegovernment,thegovernmenthas been in surplus in the last five years. The defeat ofBJPhas broughtrelief to all the people who believe in democracy, secularism, and socialism, which are the watchwords of the Indian Constitution. But the scene is not that encouraging. BJP, with its most bitter andvenomouscampaign,hasbeenable to get nearly 40% votes. This has happened despite the appreciation of Nathu Ram Godse and building of temples for him, despite the statements by union ministers urging people to shoot the so-called "Traitors" (GoliMaroSaalonko),despitethestatement of Union Home Minister Amit Shah to press the button so forcefully sothatthecurrentgo-toShaheenBagh. It is dangerous. It is hazardous for the future of democracy in this country. If the fundamentalist and communal politics have so many buyers, then it is perilous. If one were to analyze this change, it would be revealed that the media has played a significant role in polluting the minds of the people. We needtoexamineits rolethoroughlyand take necessary steps to preserve the secularandsocialistethosofourdemocracy.

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