The Republic Day Questions

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28 Jan, 20 09:48
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The Republic Day Questions

The Republic Day has come with a set of questions. Thefirstquestioniswhether the constitution still holds good in India? Whether it is safe to have an opinion otherthanthemajorityopinion?Whetherthestateswith elected governments can have an opinion independent of the Union that ties all the states? Whether IndianFederalState hastheinbuiltapparatus to safeguard theinterestsofcommunitieswithsmaller populations? Therepublicday 2020 has been celebrated amidst a revived interest in the constitution of India. Never before was thepreambleof constitution read collectively at so many placesandby somanypeople together. It seems India is trying to redeem its strength by the collective reading of the constitution which is its soul. Whenever one feels a little perturbed itissuggestedtohimtogather his/her spiritual strength and rise up. We as nation seem to be doing so. Usually the republic day is a celebration of the strength of our nation. MarchingproudlyontheRaj Path the colourful diversity of our culture is displayed in the presentations of different states. This national festival is a celebration of our plurality. The multicultural ethos of our culture is presented in the form of dances, music and beautiful costumes of people. But the question is whether this plurality and diversity is not threatened by a spree of sweeping generalizations. Theparadeontherepublic day also shows the military strength of our country. Newdefenseprocurements and stories of the bravery ofourforcesareshowcased before the world. No wondertheforcesmesmerizeus by their display of strength and military skills. The republic day is also an occasion to develop friendly relations with our n e i g h b o ri n g countries.Inthe past heads of the states of n e i g h b o ri n g countries were invited to be guests in the celebrations. Gr e e ti n g s we r e a l s o exchanged with nations of the world. Such practices need to be continued and people to people contact betweenneighboringcountries needs to be increased so that goodwill is created between nations. On the occasion of 71st republicdayofIndiaitisnecessary to take a pledge to strengthentheinstitutionsof our country including legislature, executive and the judiciary.Itisalsonecessary tostrengthenthepublic sector of our country which has been the backbone of our economy. It is also necessary to rethink the policies ofagricultureandeducation so that the country ensures a steady development and developsaharmony forlong lasting peace and cooperation.

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