India’s New year Resolutions

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06 Jan, 20 09:04
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India’s New year Resolutions

Theworld isbiddingadieu to 2019 and so is India. Like every year people will make up their minds to resolve for the coming year. All kinds of weird resolutions would be in circulation. From taking regular exercise to refraining from alcohol, from studying regularly to offering daily prayers and finally from not poking one;s nose intomatersofothers totakingnothing seriously are some oft repeated resolutions. As a nation what do we resolve at the end of 2019? It reminds us of a visionary scientistandstatesmanthatIndiacan proudly boast of. He is none other than A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. I am not mentioning him as President Kalam because that does not make him any better as a visionary. He had givenadreamof2020muchbefore he was elected the President of India.Indianeeds totakearesolve that as a nation it would abide by the vows of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. This means that the first thing we should learn as a nation is to unlearn our habit of looking at people from a religious or communalbias.Who knows that had he been alive and were asked for the documents of his father’s birth, he might not have been able to providethemandthe nation state would have started questioninghimabouthis citizenship! Inthenewyearlet the nation remind i ts e l f o f wh a t A.P.J.Abdul Kalam wrote in his book India 2020: A Vision fo r th e n ew M i l l e n n i u m c o authored with Y. S. Rajan.India'sVision 2020 was initially a document prepared by Nivetha.SK the T e c h n o l o g y I n f o r m a t i o n , Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) of India's Department of Science and Technology under the chairmanship of A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and a team of 500 experts. It aimed at doublingthepresentproductionof agricultural and food processing, providing urban amenities to rural areas,andincreasingsolarpower, hi-tech science and technology operation,providing literacy,social security, and overall health for the population, providing increased e-governance to promote education in remote areas, telecommunication,andtelemedicine,ensuring the growth of nuclear technology, space technology and defence technology and finally decreasing the rate of poverty and illiteracy, make people educated throughmedia,communities,social networking sites and increase the IndianmarketrateCURRENCYby purchasing Indian manufactured goods.2019 has left very unpleasant memories of mob violence, lynching,rapes and molestations, attack on public instit u t i o n s i n c l u d i n g thejudiciary , constituti o n a n d economic slowdown , irresponsible conduct of our MPs, MLAs and other leaders and above all the whole sale sell out of media houses and public sector companies. There are instances where democracy has been put at stake for party and personal interests. The last month of the year saw a very depressing Act of the state which was brought in so unnecessarily.Thecountryneedsnosuch divisive laws any more. Hope the new year will bestow more sense on the union government and it would shift the priorities to improving the lives of the citizens of the country ratherthanworryingabout those who are not yet the citizens of India.

- Dr.H.S.Chandalia

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