Character is not a certificate of purity

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27 Oct, 17 13:15
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Character of a woman is the most talked about thing in this world. In a moment a woman can lose her dignity which was being built in years.
Jasmine is a DJ. She works late at nights and sometimes she comes back late from work. She wears revealing western clothes mostly which suits her job completely. Her neighbours always talk about her dressing style more than her nature. She is being criticized for every move.
Women are afraid of character assassinations and mostly fear of being criticized by society. That's why many women don't take bold decisions about life. No matter how much qualified a woman is, she never tries to live alone or do things as per her choice. Everytime she looks for a male partner to complete her journey of life.
Males are living freely in this world without any hesitation. They are given rights to live with freedom.
Women have to think twice before going out late at nights. Even working women can't live on their own terms.
I don't know the reason but may be it's related to male insecurity.
Our society is hypocritical which allows a male to make any relation but females have to prove their dignity before maintaining any relation. Women can't make male friends because it's not acceptable in our society.
But character is not a certificate of purity in my opinion. Character is not a precious jewel which a woman has to wear all the time to show her purity.
Why can't we let women breathe in the fresh air? Why only a woman has to give up her dreams to fulfil the dreams of her family?
All rules have been set to tame a woman. These rules have to be changed by us now. Strength of a woman can be seen in her style of dealing with problems in daily life. It has nothing to do with her character.
A prostitute sells her dignity to others, mostly for her livelihood. She has been cursed for choosing this profession from ages. Nobody blames a male for buying her. She can not become a prostitute without the help of a male.
We have become rigid to accept the reality.
If we want to see the change in our society , we have to overcome from the old recognitions. Let women move freely without any fear in the society. Character of a woman must not be defined by the male friends in her lists. She has some other qualities too which are mostly hidden or unseen. Let her come out of the shell of imprisonment of thoughts.
She can fly high above the clouds and there must be a sun shinning in the sky for her. Her soul is much powerful to understand the capacity of her character.
Character is really a small word for a woman who wants to be described in a different way in 21st century. Don't snatch her happiness by blaming her character to show your potential. Modern women are spreading their wings to reach the stars. Make her path smooth and clear. She would definitely show her capability if not being judged by the opinions of others.
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