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28 Aug, 17 13:08
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Transgender people can be your neighbour or colleague but mostly people see them as a curse or stigma on society.
Transgenders are facing discrimination ,abuse and inequality everywhere in the world. People are not ready to accept them in families. They are forced to live in a particular community in India.
I have grown up watching them dancing on the occasions of birth and marriages in India. They are not welcomed by heart on occasions, mostly people fear of their curse and fulfill their demands of money without any protest. Streets of metro cities watch these people as sex workers at every night. Decorated with heavy makeup and ornaments, transgenders are available to have sex with the passers by.
Some buy their time out of curiosity and some want to have unnatural sex with them. They live in Poor health conditions and there is no one to look after their rights. Pain of familial rejection can be seen on their faces. Trans people mostly hide their identities in India but their population is increasing in the world day by day. No one knows what the exact frequency of people being born Trans is.
Years ago in hearing that a child was born as transgender was really uncommon now TV shows and through other channels some trans people have come forward to tell their painful stories.
They are still fighting for their equality. Society won't easily accept those who are born with sex deformation. It's scary to listen to the pain which they are going through. People laugh at them and make fun of these people.
Story of Laxmi inspired me to write on this subject which is highly ignored by writers of all genders. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is a well-known transgender rights activist actress and Bharatanatyam dancer in Mumbai, India. She is the first transgender person to represent Asia Pacific in the UN in 2008.
Laxmi even turned showstopper at Lakme India fashion week spring/summer 2016.
Internationally there are many transgender models but Laxmi is first Indian transgender who ramp walked with top models and celebrities of B Town. Laxmi is proud of her sexuality. Her autobiography , "Me Hijra Me Laxmi" was launched at the New Delhi world Book Fair. Her autobiography is about her journey against all odds for the recognition of her community. Laxmi was assaulted and traumatized by males and it's sad that she was being deceived by others in search of true love. But it ended up finding a life of dignity and grace. Laxmi is fortunate to get the acceptance of her parents for which she always had gratitude.
A post graduate in Bharatnatyam, Laxmi is a full time activist.
She is in favour of education and opportunities given to her community to fill the gap. Transgenders can only fit in main stream if they are being given equal opportunities in jobs and education. But before giving them a chance , we must need to have courage to accept their identities. They are not born to dance and sing on marriages and festivals. Many transgenders are supporting poor girls in their education. Some of them have adopted orphans which is highly appreciable.
Only thing is to change the mindsets of mass who know them by Hinjaras, kinnars, gay, lesbians and many other such names.
Our thoughts are limited because we can't see beyond set standards.
They are born with equal abilities and can be successful in every field. Our own fears don't let them fit in our society. Many organisations are working in UK and USA for violence against these people. Indians should not left behind in this area of high sensitivity. My personal request to all readers is never to laugh on transgenders. Listen to their stories and give half a second thought to yourselves to not get sarcastic against these people in future.
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