Desire For A Daughter

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16 Aug, 17 13:22
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Daughters are real treasures on this earth. I am not saying this. Time has proven this since ages. Mother daughter relationship is the best in this world. This bond is the strongest. A daughter can look upto her mother in bad times likewise a mother's only hope is her daughter at the most crucial times.
Devina is married to a rich man. She has two smart sons. Both of them are studying abroad in famous business schools. Devina is going through her menopause. No body understands her mood swings. At the age of 45 she badly needs a daughter's presence in her home. She can't give birth to a female child at this age. But she wants to have a daughter in her life any how who can heal her fresh wounds.
Desire of a daughter in a mature stage is not funny. Only few people understand the pain of a mother who could not give birth to a daughter. For many people sons are the keys to wealth, property, dowry, power and even freedom. Even educated people give preference to have male child. These desires take a U turn at old age where most of the parents are left alone. Diseases, health issues and other problems occur and desire to have a daughter becomes sturdy.
It's not at all abnormal. Daughters are the best gift to a mother. They are born with special qualities like emotions, sympathy, love , care and affection. The powerful connection between parents and daughters can not be described in words.
Shahjahan was put in jail by Aurangzeb. His daughter Jahan Aara took care of him. Shahjahan's last few years as a prisoner could have been worse if he did not have the support of Jahan Aara.
Metro cities have seen old age homes which are the best examples. Hundreds of eyes are waiting to see their children in these homes. Some people have become mentally sick due to lonliness or pain given by their sons.
I don't think any daughter can abandon her parents in old age. Married daughters are taking care of their parents these days. Some daughters never got married due to the fear to lose their parents.
Only a daughter can sacrifice her life to make her parents dream true. Daughters can easily absorb the pain of her parents in any situation. Many daughters are pride of our Nation because they have the ability to play different roles.
Devina's desire is not wrong, if she had daughters, she would have got the strongest support. Her daughters would have given her mental support which is really important at middle age.
It's really important for us to give value to daughters at this time. We make them walk in childhood and they give us the best relationship at old age. Try to live the best and unique relationship with your daughters. Give them equal rights and make them stronger. After all they have the shoulders on which you can hold your heads to shed tears in future.
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