Can we choose peace?

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01 Aug, 17 11:27
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It's not a question. It's your mental analysis. I have seen many people who are always ready to fight. They can't hold anger, not for a minute. The moment you try to tell your part, they lose temper. People are losing tolerance. It can be seen everywhere in this world. Kids have become hypersensitive. You can't even tell them to respect others.
Everyone is in search of peace but no one is doing any effort to maintain peace.
Open sewerage, car parking, speed , water, heat or any other issue can make you angry. Social norms and values are changing.
Is it really impossible to choose peace?
Humans are genetically superior to other species. Anger, stupidity and greed are the special traits of human beings.
Animals do get angry, sometimes they behave stupidly. I have heard the stories of greedy a dog, a fox and a crow.
But humans can be much more stupid or greedy than these animals.
Humans live for money, power, name, fame and sex.They can harm any relation to get success.
Homes and offices look like the biggest arena of politics. Anyone can play the best game and you will be blown away in a minute. Times are gone when honesty was the best policy. Flattering is the best way to get rewards these days. In these situations only cunning people can survive. Evil forces are winning the battle and good human beings are suffering everywhere.
But my question is the same. Can we choose peace?
It's really hard not to retaliate in these circumstances. It's not that being in Buddhism I am preaching to be calm and cool. It's upto us to choose war or peace in any situation. No philosophy teaches us to be coward. Sometimes we have to show our intelligence to others who are always ready to stab in your back. It's good to show anger to those who don't understand peace. But it's not always good to get angry on smallest issues.
It only harms your character.
Raping a girl, killing a pup or harming others for your insecurities will never take you on top. We have seen two world wars and the result was massive holocaust.
What did we learn from these wars?
Again we are heading towards a big war. My suggestion is to stop and look at the consequences before choosing war or peace. I can not force anyone to choose my path. I leave this upto you to choose your own direction.
Stay blessed and happy.
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