3 Sins made my Life Easier

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06 Jul, 17 13:10
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I can take my own decisions.
Being a female I have always faced stupid comments on my dressing and hair styles. Trust me it never effected me, instead of changing my lifestyle I have learnt to ignore such comments. This simple trick has made my life easy. Mostly females don't feel confident in changing their hair or dressing styles. They cling on old fashioned clothes and haircuts but don't easily adopt any positive change in their personalities.
I remember my childhood when I used to wear trousers and crew cut made me look more boyish. I never got upset that I had wavy hair and other girls had soft , silky hair. I believe that God has made us with different faces and qualities. It hardly matters who look beautiful or ugly. I tried to forget bad incidents to live rest of my life happily. It's really not easy but it can be done to maintain peace all around. Mostly females are emotional and sensitive and can't forget bad incidents easily. I have tried to break this myth. Bad incidents leave scars on mind and heart forever which can harm our health badly. Mostly women trust others to firm any opinion but it can be wrong in most of the cases. It's good to listen to the opinion of others but it is good to believe in your own self before judging others. This simple formula made me think differently and now I am able to understand human psychology better than anyone else.
I don't indulge in gossiping.
Gossips are females favourite time pass. They talk about every single move of others. It gives them immense pleasure to discuss others love life. Females finish their routine work faster than 20-20 cricket match and use their extra skills to scratch off neighbours characters. They can write biographies and scripts on anyone. I have always avoided to interfere in other person's personal life. It has helped me to grow as a human being. I had heard that working women don't get much time to gossip. But females are females, they can forget to eat but can never forget to talk about others. I always avoid these talk shows in office. I can't lie or make stories so it's good to not get involved. Offices are workplaces which should be equal to our worship places. It's good to increase knowledge and learn something new everyday rather than tearing other person's characters.
Trust me guys, these 3 sins have made me tenacious and dynamic in daily life. People don't waste my time and energy easily. If you want to live rest of your life peacefully, you must learn to keep the remote control in your own hand. I forget those who don't like me, I keep my mind free from negative thoughts by avoiding unpleasant people. I don't remember bad incidents more than one day.
It's important to live happy and stress free life. The main Mantra is to use your own mind to create peace and love in your surroundings.
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