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17 Jul, 17 14:05
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It's great to be like any famous personality but it would be awesome if you try not to copy others.
People spent hours to please others. In this process they lose their original personalities. Uniqueness is God's gift but human beings don't appreciate their qualities. They easily find faults in their lives and try to compare each and everything with others. It's hard to make them realise their own qualities.
Reema has a beautiful daughter. But Reema wanted to have a male child. She always ignores her daughter's qualities and misbehaves with her. Her husband has completely failed to make her realise the importance of a daughter. Now she has become a mental patient who consumes sleeping pills to relax her mind.
World is full of people who are dissatisfied with themselves.
It reminds me of an old story which my mother told me in childhood that once all flowers were fighting over an issue. They wanted to show their superiority. Rose, lotus, orchid, lily and many other flowers wanted to know the name of the best flower. No body wanted to give up the battle. At last God interrupted and told each one of them to show their qualities and defects. After long discussion each flower understood that all were unique and can't be declared best or worst. Roses are beautiful but they have thorns, lotus is beautiful but it blooms in muddy water.
Every human being is born with different properties. It is pointless to compare yourself with others. It can harm your progress. Jealousy and ego are human traits but it would harm your foot only if you try to wear other person's shoes.
Kamal works in an office. He has become a manager after 5 years of efforts. But he has become so insecure in these years that he always tries to feed bad words to his CEO about other employees. He doesn't understand the value of team work. After few years he will lose his job to some new employee.
Nothing is permanent in corporate world. It's always good to show your abilities by working hard rather than putting blames on others. Show your skills to the world. It can be done only when you learn to be you.
Be you!
It would really help you to grow and expand your soul. Being you is important as it is original and better than a copy. Standing out of the crowd is being you, so stop fitting in something which ain't your cup of tea.
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