By the way: Quarantine Diaries

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08 May, 20 07:13
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- Ritu Sodhi

By the way: Quarantine Diaries

 The world is fighting with the deadly disease like corona and it is spreading everywhere in this world.

In this crucial period of struggle, people have come to know about many new words like Quarantine etc.

We have never seen this type of pandemic before. People are dying without any fault, economy is dying, there is Chaos everywhere.

our prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has taken good steps to control this disease on time. These type of diseases are treatable not curable till now. 

In this situation we must follow the guidelines given by WHO and Indian Government. we must not lose patience and hope.

obstacles and troubles may come but we must fight with good patience and high spirt. 

Always think that you are not the only person who is facing this crisis. Each and every person is struggling in his or her own way. We must encourage each other in this deadly situation.

I am also facing new obstacles which I had never ever imagined.

I got fever on 26th of April and came to the hospital. I got admitted with my minor son who is only 16 years old. Tests were done and thankfully the reports came negative. We are living in Quarantine centre now.I have seen the high spirit of my younger son who is happily adjusting and doing every activity to keep himself busy. I am a spiritual leader and I am getting time to improve my mental health in this condition by chanting and meditating regularly.

we have found new ways to create happiness everywhere. we are keeping in touch with friends and trying to motivate and encourage them to create happiness worldwide.

No situation is permanent in this world. I have learnt a lot in Buddhist philosophy.

we must enjoy in every situation and try  to motivate others who are in difficult conditions, at least we have food, shelter and other facilities, try to think about those who are really fighting on roads.

Doctors and nursing staff are really doing very good job and they are commendable. 

Indian government, Army, police force Administration and other people who are contributing in anyway are praiseworthy.

Quarantine is just not a situation, it's a chance to improve your mental health and you can utilise this period to fulfill all your leftover desires and hobbies.

A country becomes healthy and wealthy

when each citizen understands his duties properly and corporates with others. Life is to live peacefully with others, it's merely not about you and your family, it's about our country. Always think positive and big.Corona is a deadly disease but just see the positive side that all of us are together, living with each other and spending time with families which will never come back. 

So enjoy each and every moment with happiness and do not go outside to create trouble for others. If you follow the instructions of our Government, you will be able to come out of this situation very soon.

Do not focus on the problem rather our focus must be on the solution.

With this note I am ending my article with the hope that each citizen will come forward to join the movement with our Government to make this lockdown successful.

     Jai Hind



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