Neha Bandyopadhyay: Art and Philanthropy

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04 Mar, 24 11:30
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Neha Bandyopadhyay: Art and Philanthropy

Mumbai: Neha Bandyopadhyay garners attention with the successful organization of the Indian Folk Art Exhibition at Mumbai's Jehangir Art Gallery. Hailing from Bengal, Jharkhand, and Maharashtra, Neha is a celebrated fashion designer, artist, and granddaughter of Indian cinema's founding father, Dadasaheb Phalke. Honored with the 'Great Indian Woman Award 2021' and 'Saraswati Dadasaheb Phalke International Iconic Award 2021,' she actively supports Madhubani and Warli artists. As head of a fashion institution, Neha oversees substantial growth, emphasizing art's transformative power. Described as soft-spoken and compassionate, she champions art education and community development.

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