Addressing Current Challenges for New Investments: Sanjay Singhal"

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12 Sep, 23 09:58
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Addressing Current Challenges for New Investments: Sanjay Singhal"

A consultation camp named "Rajasthan Mission 2030" was organized by the Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the P.P. Singhal Auditorium. The event was attended by officials from the Industries and Commerce Department, RICO Limited, Mines, Geology, and Petroleum Department, and Commercial Tax Department. Sanjay Singhal, the President of UCCI, addressed the gathering, stressing the importance of suggestions from the business community for the upcoming "Rajasthan Mission 2030."
He emphasized that while efforts are being made to attract investments for new industries under the Rajasthan Mission 2030, equal attention should also be given to resolving long-pending issues in order to prevent the emergence of new challenges.
Currently, an industry requires around 300 different permissions to operate. To facilitate businesses, there is an endeavor to reduce this number to around 30. Additionally, there is a need to align the educational system with the industry's requirements to ensure that graduates can directly enter the workforce.
With a population of approximately six to seven lakh, including migrants, Udaipur requires an infrastructure development aligned with the projected needs of 2030, including water, electricity, and green spaces. Sanjay Singhal urged all government departments related to industries to collaborate and draft a collective plan for the year 2030.
The program was attended by the Additional Chief Secretary, Mr. Vasudev Malavat, Director of Industries and Commerce Department, Mr. R.K. Ameria, Director of Mines and Geology Department, Mr. Sandesh Nayak, and others. They highlighted the achievements of the state government over the past four years.
In conclusion, Mr. N.K. Bairwa, the Chairman of Mining Campaign, expressed gratitude and thanked all participants for their engagement.

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