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Forti urges business people to prioritize the safety of themselves and their customers

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14 Apr, 21 07:21
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Forti urges business people to prioritize the safety of themselves and their customers

Udaipur : Mr . Praveen Suthar, Co- Ch a i rma n o f th e Fe d e r a t i o n o f Rajasthan Trade and Industry (Forti) branches, has urged the entire business community, looking at the current state of Corona, to keep themselves, families, of all the employees working here as well as their customers have been asked to prioritize safety from Covid, in the flow of the second wave of Corona is gradually accelerating, in which case even slight negligence can prove fatal. Suthar told in a statement issued that the most significant need at this time is that business people should maintain selfgovernance so that the re-lock down can be avoided. If this self-governance is not created, then Rajasthan could be the victim of another round of lock-down. . Therefore, business people should be vigilant to protect themselves and family and at the same time ensure safety for both employees and customers at their business place and ensure strict compliance of all rules. Suthar has made a special appeal to the shopkeepers to strictly abide by the government's guidelines because the government's steps are public, and we should keep our working period in line with these guidelines. Put all the masks on the work premises, and any customer who comes should also apply the mask, explain it to the customer without using the mask. They also say that the government has expedited the vaccination process to protect Corona, so all the businessmen over 45 years should avail themselves of the opportunity of covid vaccination and get themselves, family members and employees vaccinated so that the state To prevent the second wave of Corona from spreading.

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