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Miraj Cinemas gift to residents of Pink City

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26 Mar, 21 11:00
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Miraj Cinemas gift to residents of Pink City

Jaipur Miraj Group, one of the leading business conglomerates of the country, launched its Multiplex Cinemas in Jaipur to provide a new cinema experience to the residents of Pink City at the famous Cinemas Entertainment Paradise located at Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Jawahar Circle in Jaipur, which has introduced three multiplex cinemas simultaneously. This will be the 154th screen of Miraj Cinemas in the capital Jaipur, where viewers will experience a great experience in the entertainment world. With this launch, Miraj Cinemas has also acquired Jaipur's famous Entertainment Paradise. Currently, Miraj Cinemas has 154 screens in 53 cinemas across 38 cities in 14 states of India. It is the fifth-largest multiplex cinema chain in the country.

On this occasion, the Chairman of Miraj Group, Mr. Madan Paliwal, said, "Today is a happy moment for the entire Miraj family that they are going to provide a great film experience of cinema to the people of Jaipur. Our main objective is to show films as well as provide customer satisfaction. We are thankful to all those people who have stayed and supported us in our journey till now. Our identity is the trust of our customers.

Mantrarajj Paliwal, vice chairman of Miraj Group, said that Miraj Cinemas is moving fast. The audience likes our cinemas. We expect the development of Miraj Cinema to be very rapid, and by the end of 2021, we will reach a significant figure of 200 screens.

Speaking on occasion, Miraj Cinemas director Amit Sharma said that Entertainment Paradise's new presentation in Jaipur would provide a unique experience to the cinematic audience.

Experience recliner seats with state-of-the-art screen and sound

To give viewers a premium experience of cinema, three multiplex screens of Luxury Miraj Cinemas have a total seating capacity of 1000 spectators in each a-d, Where the audience will get a great experience of seating as well as state-of-the-art screen and sound system. This theater has a good sound system with state-of-the-art, and 3D projection is also provided in each avenue, Giving viewers a new and fantastic cinema experience. Apart from this, comfortable recliner seats have also been installed in every A / D for the audience.

Viewers of the live kitchen setup will enjoy

To give the audience a great entertainment experience, they can also enjoy delicious cuisine; for this, Miraj Cinemas has also arranged a live kitchen setup. The viewers who watch the film can offer their favorite thing. Viewers will be able to order pizza, burgers, sandwiches, etc., on the live kitchen setup.

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