All new Lord Shiva inspired Zippo Lighters from William Penn

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20 Mar, 20 04:42
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‘A gift from Mahadev’

All new Lord Shiva inspired Zippo Lighters from William Penn

Zippo has introduced their all new ‘India Exclusive’ collection, windproof lighters with the ever distinctive Zippo "click" and many aspects of Lord Shiva. These windproof designs, with all metal bodies, work virtually anywhere and everywhere. Made in USA, these Zippo lighters come with a lifetime guarantee of "it works or we fix it free". For the environmentally conscious, these lighters come packed in an environmentally friendly gift box.

1) HarHarMahadev Shiva Lighter - White

It celebrates Lord Shiva and his many attributes. An artistic rendition of a “dumru” is set against an accent of blue. The white matte finish of the metal body is further adorned with a symbol of Lord Shiva’s third eye. “HarHarMahadev” is emblazoned in red on the surface of the lighter. This chant is meant to invoke his power. It is said to give strength to the weak, encouragement to the discouraged and direction to the lost.

Price: Rs.4500/-


2)Black-Motif Aspects of Lord Shiva – White

The inspiration for the design comes from some of the many attributions given to Lord Shiva - the destroyer. The white background of the lighter represents the Kailash Parbat, Shiva's dwelling place. Aspects and symbols of the lord are artistically captured on the white matte surface of the lighter.

Price: Rs.4100/-


3) Blue-Motif Aspects of Lord Shiva – Chrome

The legend of India’s most sacred river is depicted on the chrome-coloured body of the lighter. The swirling blue power of the Ganga is bound on all four sides by aspects of Lord Shiva. A great, leashed power, she rests patiently, calmed by the words “Om NamahShivaya”.

Price: Rs.3500/-


Check out the full collection at: https://www.williampenn.net/brands/featured-brands/zippo.html

Available at William Penn Stores and https://www.williampenn.net/

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