William Penn launches Quikrite UNPLUG

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23 Jan, 20 09:32
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We have unsmarted the note.

William Penn launches Quikrite UNPLUG

We all love our digital devices and all the amazing things they allow us to do. But, in our incessant push towards hyper-productivity, we’ve discovered that sometimes, digital devices have the opposite effect of what’s desired! In fact, we’re being controlled by something we should be controlling. Continuous use of such devices is consuming our attention and crippling our ability to be efficient and productive. Most importantly, it has disconnected us both with others and with ourselves. The Question remains “What do I do in life without my phone?”

 This fear is not unfounded because such devices have become our primary source of entertainment, education, and much more. A life without the phone, heck, even an hour without phone sounds like a daunting thought. In a world even where a tissue box is connected online, you need something that does the opposite. To unwire yourself, to unshare, to unwind, to un-everything. The Unplug notebook is created with this in mind. To be the unsmartest and unfastest devices ever.

 Introducing ‘Unplug’, by Quikrite. A whole new range of activity notebooks.

Designed to help you unwind, relax, reduce your stress from incessant pings. It is filled with interactive activities, fun games, puzzles, thought starters, trivia, tips, tricks, and even some purely random exercises. Unplug is a notebook (Quikfill) with different activities designed to keep you occupied and away from your digital device. It has 60+ activity pages, is handy in size and ideal to carry around with you all the time. It is of course designed to fit into your Quikrite journal.

 Immerse yourself in it and realize later, much to your amusement, that you haven’t touched your devices for a while.

Unplug is a part of the Quikrite System, which is your everyday productivity enhancing tool.

MRP: 200/- 

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