Rajasthan's Artistic Talents Shine

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04 Mar, 24 11:42
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Rajasthan's Artistic Talents Shine

At the India Art Festival 2024 in Mumbai, emerging artists from Rajasthan, Ria Vaishnav, and Pichwaiwala, captivated audiences with their unique creations. Ria Vaishnav, starting her artistic journey at age 2, earned recognition and awards, showcasing vibrant colors and narratives. Pichwaiwala, redefining Pichwai paintings, brings a fresh perspective to the traditional Indian art form. Originating in the 17th century, Pichwai paintings depict Lord Krishna's daily life. Rahul Kumar Soni, part of the Pichwaiwala family, has set world records with his artistic techniques. The India Art Festival, from February 8 to 11, celebrates the rich artistic heritage of Rajasthan.

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