Awards Presented in Memory of Legends of Rajasthani Cinema

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12 Sep, 23 10:25
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Awards Presented in Memory of Legends of Rajasthani Cinema

Rajasthani Cinema Festival: Domination of Baahubali in Award Show, Eight Awards Including Best Film and Best Actor Amitabh Bachchan
The night of Thursday remained special for Rajasthan cinema lovers in Lake City. The vibrant awards ceremony of the 2023 Rajasthani Cinema Festival continued until late at night, honoring stars in 24 categories with a colorful array of awards, in memory of legends. Lalji Kalander, Nadaaniyan, Baahubali, along with the national award-winning Turtles, were part of the ceremony, receiving special recognition from the jury. Baahubali won eight awards including Best Movie and Best Hero Amitabh Bachchan. As a tribute to the legends, Ameen Sabri received the Kalasangam honor, Kshitij Kumar was awarded the Lifetime Achievement, and M.D. Sony received the Cinema Research Award. In memory of the late Shravan Jain, the Best Album Award was initiated for the first time, awarded to singer Manisha Saini. The event was organized jointly by the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture, Rajasthan Film Development Association, Hindustan Zinc, and M Square Productions and Events, under the collective supervision of these entities, to promote the Rajasthan Film Tourism Promotion Policy and uplift Rajasthani cinema.

The festival was inaugurated by lighting lamps by the dignitaries. Awards were presented to winners by Maharana Pratap Museum's founder Mohanlal Shrimalli, Deputy Chairman of the State Minister and Labor Development Welfare Board Jagdish Raj Shrimalli, Tribal Commissioner Tarachand Meena, Serv Girl Brand Ambassador Devyani Katara, Historian Chandrashekhar Sharma, and renowned personalities of Rajasthan cinema.
'Mewad Ri Sonhdi Mitti' Filled with Enthusiasm
The spectacular cultural performances of Rajasthan cinema stars left the audience mesmerized. The performance of Sufi singer Ameen Sabri, the powerful portrayal of 'Mewad Ri Sonhdi Mitti Mein Janmyo Rana Pratap Athai' by Sanjay Rajzada in honor of Maharana Pratap, and Manisha Saini's rendition of 'Padosan Le Gayi Re' garnered thunderous applause from the audience.
Here's a list of the awarded individuals:
- I Am Kanno Smriti Excellent Editing Award - Shailendra Singh
- Dhanraj Dadhich Smriti Excellent Cinematography Award - Baljeet Goswami
- Mahendra Kapoor Smriti Excellent Parshva Gayak Award - Sanjay Ray Jada
- Pandit Gauri Shankar Smriti Excellent Dance Direction Award - Kiran Kumar Kohli
- Sarita Devi Excellent Character Actress Award - Jigyasa Yaduvanshi
- Suraj Dadhich Smriti Excellent Writing Award - Rahul Verma
- Manak Lal Jalan Smriti Film Distributor Award - Shatrughan Pareek
- Pran Sikand Smriti Excellent Character Actor Award - Shivraj Gurjar
- Ramraj Nahata Smriti Media Award - Ajay Mishra, Anurag Trivedi, Urukrum Sharma, and Rudresh Sharma
- Pandit Shivram Smriti Excellent Music Direction Award - Nizam Khan
- Shravan Jain Smriti Excellent Video Album Production Award - Manisha Saini
- Jaymala Smriti Excellent Actress Award - Pari Sharma and Gauri Vanakhere
- Mahipal Smriti Excellent Actor Award - Amitabh Tiwari
- Pratham Padaarpan Naayika Award - Vani Dinesh
- Mani Bhai Vyasa Smriti Director Award - Amit Ojha
- Pandit Indra Smriti Lifetime Achievement Award - Kshitij Kumar
- Fareed Sabri Smriti Melodious Music Award - Ameen Sabri
- Jugla Parihar Smriti Cinema Research Award - M.D. Sony
- B.K. Adarsh Smriti Excellent Producer Award - Manoj Yadav and Rahul Varma
- G.P. Kapoor Smriti Film Award - Baahubali
- Technical Work Coordination Award - Neeraj Khandelwal
- Dr. Jagmohan Moondra Smriti Excellent Art Film Award - Turtles
Those Present
Actors Raj Jangid, Shravan Sagar, Balveer Rathore, Choreographer Nataraj Saini, Anchor Didi Gupta, Actresses Usha Jain, Neha Shree, Pratishtha Thakur, Producers Ajay Tiwari, Ashok Singh Shaktawat, and other artists, filmmakers, and technicians associated with Rajasthan cinema were present at the event.

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