Sonakshi, Luv & Kussh’s entrepreneurial art venture ‘House of Creativity’ drives its inaugural exhibition into the spotlight

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08 May, 22 08:47
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Sonakshi, Luv & Kussh’s entrepreneurial art venture ‘House of Creativity’ drives its inaugural exhibition into the spotlight

Sonakshi Sinha, Luv Sinha and Kussh Sinha’s art venture thatbrought severalemerging artists to the fore, holds it first offline exhibition, an exclusive,by-invite-only show,titled Locus of Control, driven by BMWInfinityCars,Worli,from 9-10 April, 2022 In July 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, the famous Sinha siblings, Sonakshi Sinha, Luv Sinha & Kussh Sinha launched their art venture titled House of Creativity -anonlineplatformthatallows art aficionados, from virtually anywhere, to procure contemporary artworks from homegrown Indian talents. Nowasthevirusgoesdormant, they prepare their first offline foray, an exclusive, by-inviteonly exhibition, ‘Locus of Control’, curated by Abhinit Khanna, assisted byAnushka Bhatnagar, to be held atBMW Infinity Cars, Worli, from 9-10 April, 2022. Driven by BMW Infinity Cars, this exhibition willfeatureselectworksacross paintings, photography, film, textile,andnewmediaby contemporaryHouseofCreativity artistssuchasAliAkbarMehta, Arvind Sundar, Digbijayee Khatua, Govinda Sah Azad, KoshyBrahmatmaj,KedarDK, Sarika Mehta, Shalaka Patil, UrviSethna,TusharWaghela, Sonakshi Sinha, Luv Sinha, and Kussh Sinha. SonakshiSinha, actor and self-taught artist, is understandably thrilled about the venture’s inaugural exhibition and also about the fact that she will be showcasing her brand new series. Talkingaboutheracrylicon canvas works, she divulges, “My works are about colours and a lot of my identity as well, but not in a very obvious, inthe-face manner. They are self-portraits,myinterpretation of self-portraits, and are definitelyopentointerpretationby people. Earlier, I have painted chiefly in monochrome tones, but then one day I added a burst of colours on canvas and it resonated with mesomuchthatIneverlooked back!” Speaking more on the showcase,photographer-actor Luv Sinha who will be displayingtwoofhisphotographs, adds “Our primary goal is to display works of artists onboard at House of Creativity. It’sahugeresponsibilitywe’ve undertaken to give them a platform and showcase them to as many art enthusiasts as possible. Having said that, we three are going to be displaying our artwork as well. My photographs are somewhat bold and loud–they are all about energy, colours, and positivity. Every photographer has their own vision, and for me, framing eye-catching objects is what attracts me.” Continuingthediscussion, filmmaker and artist Kussh Sinha affirms “Art is a way of giving your creativity a physical form. Even if I take a digital photograph, how I set the frame or what subjects draw me in– that’ssomethingpersonal,and may not resonate with others. For me, art signifies a memory that causes me to ponder.”

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